Thursday, November 29, 2012

Republican Election Day Meltdown

Though most are being unusually quiet lately, a few ‘conservative’ friends and relatives continue sending me RW propaganda.  Some are really sweet fantasies, and maybe it helps to sooth all the burning new assholes Republicans received on election day all over the country. If so, to all my RW friends and relatives, welcome to your solace. I hope it helps.

However, I have taken the liberty to answer by sending them the ACTUALITY as coming from a conservative Republican viewpoint. A link* is provided at the end for anyone who wishes to enjoy the unedited entertainment value of reading it in its entirety from the source. And, I gotta tell you, it is about the most entertaining thing I’ve read in quite a while.

(This comes from *“”, a blog written by someone many conservatives love because he is a foaming-at-the-mouth far right conservative gay. The guy’s name is Kevin DuJan and he describes himself this way:

“Gay conservative political analyst, essayist, author and radio and TV commentator on politics, pop culture, LGBTQ issues, and current events.”)

The following is Dujan’s live blogging on election day starting at 4PM. It is most entertaining and enlightening to watch because it demonstrates so well the doctrinal blindness, self-deception, denial and outright obtuseness of repeating failures which led to the Republican Meltdown this past election in the first place. Many conservatives have already thrown Karl Rove, Chris Christy and Charlie Crist under the bus, big time and continue daily to eat their own.

Much of the blog and timeline is left out here or truncated, but the following gives the gist of it and, not meaning to gloat, it is all hilarious - at least to me. Not so much perhaps, for ‘conservatives’.

In the timeline below Kevin DuJan’s remarks are in red, interspersed with comments from those subscribing to his blog in black. From an Independent, liberal or Democrat viewpoint it is an wonderfully perfect look at how the meltdown went down for the far right. The saddest part is that the commenters don’t seem to have learned anything from their traumatic experience, and seem to be plodding along with their ‘if you fail at something once, just keep on doing it forever” philosophy.

I now understand why some righty loonies committed suicide after this election, thereby in my opinion, improving the overall gene pool somewhat. My guess the ones we know about are only the tip of the iceberg. This gets really fun along about the 8 PM timeline.  Enjoy!:

(Begin quotes):
“What:  This is the official 2012 Election Results Watch Thread
When: 4pm CST – midnight (or longer) on Election Day 11/6/2012
Format:  This is a live transcript for history of the Election Results as they were reporting on MSNBC on Election Night
Kevin Dujan: Below you will find my live coverage of election night, as the results start coming in.  I’ve been up since 9am covering everything MSNBC did today. 
400pm CST — MSNBC is reporting that Barack Obama is spending time with Reggie Love right now at the East Bank Club, “playing basketball”.  I swear that’s not a joke.  They’re really talking about him and Reggie spending time together on Election Night as a tradition.  Isn’t that something you have with your wife (or boyfriend)…an intimate tradition like this?  WEIRD.  You’d almost think Obama was gay or something (wink).

Chris Matthews’ Hardball is starting soon. I have been waiting for four years to see Matthews meltdown when Obama loses.

Throughout the day, Democrats have kept pushing that Nate Silver is a prophet and if you do not agree with his projection that Obama has a 90% chance to win then you are a witch who must be burned!
Chris Matthews is going on right now — at 413pm CST — saying that his brain can’t see any way for Romney to win.
Obama decided against having a giant rally in Grant Park like he did in 2008.  Why hold the election night event in the fortress-like convention center that’s cut off from the city by a giant highway and is MUCH harder for people to get to than Grant Park?  Makes no sense…unless Obama knew they would not be celebrating and would instead be giving a Concession Speech to a small crowd.
430pm CST —  . . . something interesting happened:  they started talking about how President Romney won’t be that much different than Obama because Congress never wants to get anything done and he won’t have more success than Obama.

It felt like they were starting to enter into ACCEPTANCE a little bit in the stages of grief.  
440pm CST — Reince Preibus the RNC Chair says that he expects the election to be called for Mitt Romney at 1030pm.
I’ve noticed something today:  all the Democrats who come on look like death and the Republicans look calm and confident.  Are you noticing anything like this?
WARNING!!! MSNBC is starting the exit polling freakout game.  DO NOT BE FREAKED OUT.
They are playing games now to affect the votes out west.
I can’t stand John McCain and everyone from his campaign.  The only good thing John McCain ever did in his life was to elevate Governor Palin to the national scene.
532pm CST — Please consider saying a little prayer for our country right now.  .
I am visualizing every saint, angel, and soul I’v ever known swooping down from Heaven to make the numbers go up and up and up for a President Romney.

I picture all of our great presidents intervening with energy to direct the election to their chosen successor, Mitt Romney.

Please pray for our country in your own way too, if you are so inclined.
544pm CST — I have a friend in McCormick Place right now.  That’s where Obama is having his Concession Speech. It is nearly empty in there.  People are on edge and “look like they are going to throw up”.

Not much going on there. No energy.
547pm CST — this is nonscientific, but every Democrat out there speaking tonight looks like they are going to throw up too.   The tension is thick.
MSNBC is filling time until Virginia’s polls close.  When Romney wins it, Maddow, and Matthews, and Alex Wagner and those people are going to FLIP  OUT.
553pm CST — it’s a commercial break, so let’s check to see what the Left’s doing on Facebook.
HuffPo has called the election for Romney, and the Left is angry at HuffPo for writing that.
600pm CST — Virginia still too close to call
Romney wins INDIANA
Romney wins KENTUCKY
Obama wins VERMONT
Claiming it is too early to call Georgia (weird!)
South Carolina too early to call
Romney 19 EVs, Obama 3 EVs.
602pm CST — So far MSNBC is not freaking out.
Okay, Chris Matthews look like death right now.  Earlier he opted not to guess who would win.
Rachel Maddow looks like she has no idea what’s even happening.  Matthews is white and pale and sweating.

I know you are feeling tense right now.
Just breathe deep and trust in God and the good of the American people.

We are in this together.
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Fail.
        John Grady Cole says:
2012/11/06 at 6:12 pm  (Quote)
Lines out the door all day here in South Florida. Our voting location ran out of ballots mid afternoon Some people left out of frustration.

Catholic Churches in Dade, Broward and on the Southwest coast around Naples are giving out voting guides and asking congregation to vote out Obama over Religious freedom issues. This confirms earlier reporting that is is happening across the country.

Steve L says:
2012/11/06 at 6:14 pm  (Quote)
I caught a glimpse of MSLSD early this morning before I voted. It wasn’t what they said but the look in their eyes that gave it away. Chrissy and Angry-a looked totally spooked!
Any of you living around Juneau, Alaska driving the Glacier Hwy north of Auke Bay tonight, look on your left toward Lena Point – my sister and brother-in-law will be shooting off a huge box of fireworks as soon as the election is called for Mitt.

635pm CST — STILL TOO CLOS TO call in Ohio. Friends of mine on the ground in Cleveland say local news is reporting HIGH voting in the Cleveland suburbs and low turnout in Cleveland itself, which would be for Obama.
Only state Obama won so far is Vermont.
Romney just won South Carolina.
Clevelanders are actually a lot like me.
Abbey on the ground in Cleveland says that the local news looks sick on tee-vee.  They are upset.  They want Obama to win, so them being upset is a good thing.
643PM CST –
Cleveland city of light, city of magic…don’t fail us.
650-724pm CST —Charlie Crist is accusing people of voter suppression. This guy is such a sleaze.
From what I am reading, Romney wrote no concession speech but Obama did.  Romney confident of Florida and Ohio wins.
728:  Charlie Crist says that Republicans engage in voter suppression.  He wants to run for Senate as a Democrat against Rubio.  We really need to go after this guy in the future.
         scrubjay says:
2012/11/06 at 7:01 pm  (Quote)
Via The Blaze:
Romney Expresses Stunning Confidence: I’ve Only Written a Victory Speech
That’s the spirit!

         papacooljing says:
2012/11/06 at 7:03 pm  (Quote)
I am just listening to some mars hill church sermons and keeping out of the news viewing till no earlier than 9pm est
R&R will win so go to a movie or out for dinner and relax.

732pm CST — Arkansas is for Romney.
Chris Murphy won the Senate race.
This was a surprise, because I thought McMahon would pull it out.
Charlie Crist, man.  What a skeeze.  I can’t get over what a lizard he is.
Karl Rove is saying Ohio, Florida, and Virginia look strong for Romney.
I know that Mitt Romney wrote no concession speech but Obama did.  I know that Democrats look like they are going to throw up and Republicans are being calm. I also want to make sure that every terrible thing Democrats did in this election is documented.
740pm CST —  Exit polling is bunk.
She’s talking Chris Christie hurting Romney.  They are doing this to damage Christie going forward.  They want Republicans to attack Christie and start a Republican civil war.
This is because Democrats will have a civil war come November 7th between the Clinton Restoration and the Obama Remnant.
Folks, I know you are stressed out, but my home town of Cleveland has got this for us.
Cleveland will not let you down…it will not give the Democrats the votes they need to win the state and Romney will take Ohio and the presidency.
Believe in the Cleve.
Believe in the Cleve.
Believe in the Cleve.
         Tonawanda says:
2012/11/06 at 7:43 pm  (Quote)
At 7:41 EST I am watching MSNBC and am euphoric. The Leftist panel is talking about why BO SHOULD HAVE won. They are so unaware, they don’t get what they are doing, which is implicitly admitting defeat.
These folks look terrible. Chrissy needs a lot more scotch, that much is obvious.

746pm CST — 749pm CST —Coming up next is the batch of states with Wisconsin and Michigan.  I really think we get a win in Wisconsin. If there was ever a year we could get one, it’s this one.  It makes no sense that Scott Walker won the recall but Romney won’t win the presidency.
So far we have had no surprises.  All the really interesting races are being held back.
I think this might be for drama’s sake.
Remember:  news is a business.  They are making decisions on what states to call and which ones not to.  Polls are still open on the west coast and in the western states.  They won’t want to reveal Obama has lost until those states close so that it does not collapse his support there.
800pm CST — Romney wins Texas, Obama gets NY, Romney gets LA and KS…Obama got New Mexico easily.  Romney gets Nebraska, at least 4 of votes there.  North Dakota Romney.  South Dakota Romney.  Wyoming is Romney.  Romney leads Arizona but too early to call.  Obama lead-in Minnesota.

OH, VA, NC, NH still close to call but Romney leading more or less.
Missouri has Romney in the lead but too close to call.
New Mexico is officially as safe for Democrats in the future as Delaware is.  That’s one I expected.  Not sure why that is, but it is.

Michigan went to Obama…Wisconsin too early to call and Colorado too close to call.
Racine Wisconsin ran out of ballots and lines are too long.
Romney’s in position to win Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and Colorado.
805pm CST — Chris Matthews says “the polling has been really good!”.  None of the swing states are called yet.  Matthews is telling people to stay in line.

811pm CST — UPDATE:  Cuyahoga County’s votes are in for Ohio….so that was the big area that Obama needed to win the state.  It did not give him enough to sustain him for a win. The republican counties in Ohio are still coming in.  The panhandle of Florida is not in either.
         JoleneAL says:
2012/11/06 at 8:05 pm  (Quote)
I just turned it off Fox — my BP is already spiking .. Dear God please —

         Tired Warrior says:
2012/11/06 at 8:06 pm  (Quote)
All of these networks have special complex computer models loaded with an something called bullcrapium. It’s just mathematical guessing based on previous results. Which in this election DON”T COUNT!
I just patiently wait for the real votes to go up.

         Kelly says:
2012/11/06 at 8:12 pm  (Quote)
I’ve already consumed a half a bottle of red and can hardly take the drama. If it weren’t for frequent updates from my 14 year old I’d be happily oblivious until tomorrow,.

815pm CST — Obama won Pennsylvania.
It’s official.  Pennsylvania is not a swing state ever. If it did not go Republican this time, it never will.  It is not going to go Republican for a very long time if this year it didn’t go to Romney.
821pm CST — Stephanie Cutte in Obama headquarters is talking.  They show the campaign office behind her.  They don’t look excited or happy…they look terrified. No smiles….they are staring at screens and are shaking.

         Christopher Hedges says:
2012/11/06 at 8:23 pm  (Quote)
Kevin, I am watching the live cast on The Blaze, and I am really worried. Tell me to just take a breath, please!

         Zac says:
2012/11/06 at 8:26 pm  (Quote)
I can’t take it Im too nervous I need a Xanax. How could one person vote for Obama is Beyond me. I don’t know what to do. Im stressing out huge do you guys really think R& R will win? Im getting really down here

 826pm CST — Romney takes lead in Florida!!!!!
832pm CST — Wisconsin goes to Obama.
That is disappointing. It was a dream to win that state.  This means that Wisconsin and Pennsylvania and Michigan can never be considered swing states.
Be calm.  Deep breaths. This is much closer than it should have been because Americans do not understand the dangers of unlimited spending and big government. Which is scary.

         Zac says:
2012/11/06 at 8:30 pm  (Quote)
why is Obama is the lead now, this cant be possible how long will it take to get the final results in 6 hours? Im freaking out, really I dotn know what to do.

         Kathy says:
2012/11/06 at 8:31 pm  (Quote)
Carl Rove just saying on Fox that it’s good news so far for Virginia, Florida and Ohio. Some of the counties that needed to come out for Obama in Ohio have almost half the turn out which mimics the anecdotal info from the ground there. If all the other anecdotal evidence I’ve seen in the other states holds it will be a great night….I’m starting to breathe a little easier.

         Nola Girl says:
2012/11/06 at 8:35 pm  (Quote)
7:33 pm CT — Thank you Karl ROve for your insight into FL & OH. Hope alive and growing!
942pm CST — The big takeaway so far folks is that the Left is much more powerful than we ever thought.
Have faith.  Be calm. Breathe deep.
It’s in the hands of God and the voters.
The election really will be close, but Romney will win.
         Tonawanda says:
2012/11/06 at 8:43 pm  (Quote)
A person I really do not like (but sort of do), Mike Huckabee, just stated (about 8:35 PM EST ) that this a Chik-Fil-A election!
(A Hillbuzz poster [I don't remember who] used that comparison earlier).
Absolutely. Hukkabee said the outer regions of states will be reported later and will be for Romney.

952pm CST — Minnesota goes to Obama
The big questions to see resolved now are if Nevada and Iowa are really permanent Democrat states.  Is Iowa really a Democrat state, or did it get swept up in the Obama fad 4 years ago?
Does America really want four more years of weirdness and suffering?
It’s a bizarre and unthinkable thought.
A friend has told me she thinks this will all end up in courts.
So we might not really know the result tonight.

         Zac says:
2012/11/06 at 8:53 pm  (Quote)
Im hyper ventilating and pacing around the house, I live in Florida Dick Morris says were behind? is that true I cant look Im only on this site. has Ohio Gone red yet?

         Paul in N. AL says:
2012/11/06 at 8:58 pm  (Quote)
This is way too stressful.

         Tonawanda says:
2012/11/06 at 8:59 pm  (Quote)
Folks need to calm down.
This is a Tea Party election.
The big voter turnout is a Romney turnout.
There is no question that demographic changes have been significant. That is why this is a 1980 election, but without the gigantic 1980 results.

         Kiki says:
2012/11/06 at 9:09 pm  (Quote)
Dear Kevin:
The talking heads are making me crazy. The exit polling data does not sound good. Sounds like women are voting with their “lady parts” and “the folks” think that The One understands them better. I have been praying so hard all day. Thank goodness you are here. I was actually hoping we could pull out NH and MI. UGHHHHH!

         Dorothy Margaret says:
2012/11/06 at 9:28 pm  (Quote)
Obama just won Wisconsin.
I’m getting depressed.

         Lee says:
2012/11/06 at 9:44 pm  (Quote)
Oh God, what are we going to do if O wins? I don’t know how we’re going to survive. My husband and I are 69 and 64. We were going to retire. I don’t think we’ll be able to if O wins, and we can’t keep working forever. And there’s Obamacare.
I’m so scared I can hardly think and so is he.

         Leanie says:
2012/11/06 at 9:52 pm  (Quote)
Fox is playing other games as well. Hard to take.. They just announced Murdock lost to Donnelly and I am not sure whether to believe them.
Fox is easier to watch because they don’t have as many nutzos but they seem to like drama also. Go Romney.

         Justin says:
2012/11/06 at 9:55 pm  (Quote)
I’m freaking out a little bit here they have called WI for O and it looks like PA is out and OH is slipping tell me why I shouldn’t be losing it right now

1000pm CST — Romney wins North Carolina
Romney wins Idaho
Obama wins Washington and Hawaii
Obama wins California.
They didn’t call it, but Obama will win Oregon and Romney will get Alaska.
George Allen lost the Senate race in Virginia, but Romney has a slim lead there.

         Help! Married to an Eeyore says:
2012/11/06 at 10:09 pm  (Quote)
I honestly thought this *would* be a Chick-Fil-A election. I am in shock. Hellllp!!!!

         Tonawanda says:
2012/11/06 at 10:10 pm  (Quote)
Fox is saying basically that Romney needs to draw an inside straight to win (10:10 PM).
But here we are.

         Jacquelyn Nicholson says:
2012/11/06 at 10:13 pm  (Quote)
FL and OH not looking very positive at the moment – I would love to see Rove’s county by county analysis right now as I am nauseous…

10007 pm CST — Missouri for Romney
1014pm CST — Barack Obama has won Ohio, and with it reelection.
This is stunning.  Absolutely stunning.

        myengine says:
2012/11/06 at 10:20 pm  (Quote)
Any hope left? Florida and Ohio look lost.

         Derrick Ruiz says:
2012/11/06 at 10:43 pm  (Quote)
I can’t watch or listen to anything but hillbuzz. Trying to stay away from fear porn, not easy. God be with us.

         bob loblaw says:
2012/11/06 at 10:48 pm  (Quote)
“But I believe Romney will win Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida and be our next president.”
From your keyboard to God’s eyes, Kevin. Praying . . .

         Jim says:
2012/11/06 at 10:50 pm  (Quote)
Okay, we lost. Now, where do we go from here? Clearly the demographics don’t favor us, but here’s something to consider: whites are still 72%. So is the problem that we don’t get any minority votes, or is the problem actually that we still have 40% of whites that have no clue what’s going on? We need to inform whites of what is actually going on in the country.

         Me, That's Who says:
2012/11/06 at 11:06 pm  (Quote)
This is depressing.

         Nich says:
2012/11/06 at 11:28 pm  (Quote)
Karl Rove on Fox right now saying that Romney campaign is NOT yet conceding Ohio. This is at 11:27 pm EST

         Ben in MN says:
2012/11/06 at 11:30 pm  (Quote)
Everyone, calm the f*** DOWN! This is not over. 20% of the vote is still out in Ohio and this is looking like 2000 all over again. REPEAT, IT. IS. NOT. OVER.
         jenb says:

2012/11/06 at 11:32 pm  (Quote)
Wow…I cannot believe this. I cannot stop crying. Please tell me this is a very bad dream.

         Debbie says:
2012/11/06 at 11:36 pm  (Quote)
I am literally nauseous.
Now, we push Bengazi.

         RWC says:
2012/11/06 at 11:52 pm  (Quote)
First off, Kevin, F you!!!
Ok, now that i got my frustration out
WTH happened here folks?
Seriously, i didn’t think we were that far gone.
Only silver lining is that Obama will be front and center when all of the new EPA regs drop, Obamacare is fully implemented, etc…
Like an addiction, there are many trap doors to fall through before you truly hit bottom. And we WILL hit bottom in the next 4 years.
God Bless America..we are going to need it.
(and I am damn glad I bought my AR before the election)

         cocozines says:
2012/11/06 at 11:53 pm  (Quote)
Wow, when/where do we secede? This makes me want to throw up.

         Willow says:
2012/11/06 at 11:56 pm  (Quote)
Romney is ahead in OH and Fox still has it in Obama’s column.
This is fear porn to keep us refreshing all night.

         Amy says:
2012/11/07 at 12:04 am  (Quote)
Wait. Both CNN and Fox Maps show that Romney is up by about 20,000 votes in Ohio. Maybe they called it too early.

         Kevin DuJan says:
2012/11/07 at 12:12 am  (Quote)
If it was just Ohio, it would be litigated…but Colorado was just called for Obama. Florida will now probably go to him too, so Romney will concede tonight most likely. No courts now.

         Erin says:
2012/11/07 at 12:23 am  (Quote)
I hate ALL media and that now includes Fox News.

         flyegirl says:
2012/11/07 at 12:34 am  (Quote)
I agree Kevin, this is stunning. Maybe the polling was off all along? Maybe we don’t understand the American person any more? I don’t know. We came close, much closer than last time. But close is not good enough for next time.
HillBuzzers, take the time you need to de-compress, we will live to fight another day.
God Bless

         Mimi says:
2012/11/07 at 12:47 am  (Quote)
During the last presidential debate I became very frightened by Romneys behavior. He look like someone had gotten to him like perhaps the Bilderbergs who may have told him, look, you have been used. You are not going to win so don’t make our guy look bad. It was like Romney was agreeing with all of Obama’s foreign policiy decisions and had no issue with Benghazi and Spring Time for Hitler and the Muslim Brotherhood. I also believe that the Bushes set Romney up for defeat. H. Bush lost re-election because he was not a true conservative. They new if Romney was the nominee he would lose to Obama and their son Jeb could run in 2016. The Bushes are evil progressievs and are the reason we have a Barak Hussein Obama for president. They are global elitist, progressives and destroyed the party from within just like Communists and Free Masons corrupted the Catholic church from within. Sarah Palin is right. The republcan party will go the way of the Wiggs if they don’t find the courage of their convictions.

         Heidi says:
2012/11/07 at 12:48 am  (Quote)
Tomorrow we are going out and buying more ammunition, This is one of the saddest days of my life.

         ElinorRose says:
2012/11/07 at 2:46 am  (Quote)
To add to the sadness of the situation, Lt Col Allen West has lost his house seat.

         backhoe says:
2012/11/07 at 4:04 am  (Quote)
Well, it just means we now work on impeachment.

         Nelson martin says:
2012/11/07 at 6:35 am  (Quote)
I am inconsolable. I don’t know what’s going to happen to our country. First thing I thought….. Supreme Court appointees.
We’re doomed….done.

         BostonRN says:
2012/11/07 at 10:08 am  (Quote)
I am sad and dismayed like all of you too.
I am beginning to seriously reassess End Times in the Bible.
What is ethical and of value does not mean anything …
Eliz. Warren took MA and that says it all right there.
Deception and lies and having no experience counts far more than truth, a good and solid work background which is all inconsequential today. Bluffing and good sound bytes even if it is all lie count.
Good guys finish last, for sure!

         olgawankenobi says:
2012/11/07 at 10:15 am  (Quote)
Is this a bad dream?

         Mr Lucky says:
2012/11/07 at 10:28 am  (Quote)
Folks, Christie destroyed Romney. That was the plan by the crime syndicate of Rove and the Bushies. They want to run Jeb in 2016, and in order to do so Romney had to go down in defeat. Christie was promised the vice-presidential slot if he stuck the knife in Romney. Et Tu Fattie?

         B Rock "The Islamic Shock" Superallah Obama says:
2012/11/12 at 2:02 pm  (Quote)
Thanks for the laughs! I read the entire thing for pure schadenfreude!
Hillary 2016!”

(End quotes)

Pardon me while I recover myself . . . . .