Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Low-Rent, Candy-Assed Quitter

Sarah Palin claims everyone's out to get her,

Which made her so mad and dreadfully bitter,

Now, she's doing politically incorrect twitters.

The public is greatly appalled, and all in a titter,

Alaskans never once agreed to permit her,

To toss the entire state straight in the sh**ter!

Being a lipsticked b*tch from pit bull's litter,

Never qualified Sarah or made her a bit fitter,

To govern a state or be a political outwitter.

Turns out, She's just a low-rent, candy-assed quitter!




Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Remarkable Language of a Narcissistic Governor

Using South Carolina's Governor Mark Sanford's actual words (in bold red below - there were so very many to chose from!), I have taken the liberty of rearranging them to explain his situation:

Mark Sanford lied about hiking the Appalachian Trail, safe in his zone of protectiveness, having an incredibly serious conversation with himself from a heart level about God's Law.

But, he actually was letting his guard down and crossing the line to ignite a remarkable friendship with a hot Argentinian tamale. It was with that whole sparking thing with its incredibly intense conversation, leading to serious overdrive .

Sanford himself declared, "I was happy and content just being, and knowing that I had met my soul mate. I told myself, 'I best not try this walk of faith. it was before safe, but now it's not safe. We gotta put the Genie back in the bottle.'"

"There was some kind of connection from the very beginning. A forbidden one, a tragic one, but a love story at the end of the day. Have I done stupid? I have."

This guy is doing major damage to his state and to the Republican Party at large. But, his incredible narcissism overrules his perception of political realities and common sense. Only Sarah Palin's own narcissism seems to surpass Sanford's.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Reality Challenged, Doctrinally Blinded and Aggressively Obtuse, Republican Right

There are commonalities between the so-called religious right and the neoconservatives. Often the two have overlapped of course, especially after the far right cynically and successfully managed to co-opt so many Christian groups to their banner over the past decade or so.

There is their steadfast ability to ignore realities. Followers in both groups demonstrate an amazing ability to ignore facts in favor of what they wish to believe. They are guided in this by the sustained drumbeat of massive propaganda directed their way, and which they seemingly eagerly lap up without question. It's sort of a 'believe what we tell you, and ignore anything different, even if it's right there before your very eyes'. A great example of this was the insistence that Iraq was somehow responsible for the 9/11 attacks, even though there was nary an Iraqi involved in the event, and fifteen Saudis ('Our friends and allies') who were. Simply amazing.

Then there is the relentless clamor insisting only Sarah Palin (or Republicans) can restore 'sanity' and balance to the government not if, but when she (or a Republican) is elected to the US presidency in 2012. Leaving aside the facts Palin is only Dubya in skirts - only perhaps more so - and that GW Bush and his administrations were the architects of our current national economic and social train wreck, Palin's chief support is mainly, almost exclusively, only among far right Republicans. And, only about half of those, the others still cognizant enough to recognize Palin is a 'lightweight, and too light in the ass' to ever have a chance. Doing the math, about 50% of 35% is roughly 18%.

The reality is, Sarah Palin is the biggest gift by far that Republicans can ever give their political enemies. It is pathetic really, that neither the religious right, nor the neoconservative Republicans perceive this fact.

But to me, perhaps the most discouraging of all is the dogmatic and vocal demonizing by the far right of 'anything democratic'. The religionists chime in with their Christian angles. Sure, I understand political opposition, but I am having trouble with such counter-productive, reflexive intransigence and aggressive partisan and religion based obtuseness. 'The' Party of No indeed!

It is sad to witness the meltdown of what is left of the Republican party and their various heroes and heroines, and 'family values' champions. The party is in free fall - and in spite of all the disfavor with which Republicans in general are currently being viewed, we need a strong two party (at least) system for political balance. But the meltdown is unavoidable I believe, so long as the party stays captured by the far right and the religionists, and remains so reality challenged, so doctrinally blinded, and so aggressively obtuse.

Wherever did the thoughtful and intelligent 'Party of Lincoln' go?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Republican Elephant: An Icon of FEAR?

The United States of America has its own unique icon for fear, paranoia and obtuseness. Though constantly disguised and masked by its owners to conceal its true character, the actual nature of this icon sometimes unexpectedly reappears in the national consciousness. I refer of course to the iconic Elephant symbol for the US Republican Party.

One wonders how the symbol of this huge beast, famously afraid of any tiny mouse, came to be an icon for a national political party. Perhaps it is just simple obtuseness, but more likely it is simply a freudian manifestation.

After the inauguration of GW Bush. Fear, paranoia and obtuseness aggressively ruled the national 'shtick' for eight full years and beyond. It is now obvious this motivated and ruled our 'leaders', who in turn ruthlessly employed fear and paranoia as weapons of propaganda against the country at large.

Only now are we beginning to perceive even a partial extent of the resulting damages.

And, just as most characters are resistant to change, so too the Republican Party is still ruled by fear - but perhaps 'cowardice' may be a better term. There are many examples, but perhaps none so illustrates this idea than the (non)actions of the respective state and the national party following the sensational news regarding the governors of South Carolina and Alaska. There has been an absolute blizzard of news, blogs, media coverage of the two governors, but nary a single word from their own states' Republican Parties. None, nothing, nada, zippo, blanko.

Neither states' Republican parties, and especially the National Republican Party has found the basic political courage to speak up or out about the narcissistic excesses of their respective governors since their respective meltdowns.

Incredibly, the Alaska Republican Party website's last news item is dated May 7, 2009 - over two months ago. NOT ONE WORD about Palin's abrupt resignation - and one might think that would be news to resonate amongst Alaska's Republicans.

And the South Carolina's Republican Party? NOT ONE SINGLE WORD either, since June 24, 2009, the day before their governor went AWOL. Apparently this qualifies as non-news to SC Republicans.

Not to be outdone, or perhaps 'undone', the National Republican Party website offers helpful advice to Obama about 'losing support', and why the health care plan is stalled in Congress, and information on the Cap In Trade bill. NOTHING about the two most sensational political stories in the nation at this time:

And everything THE GOP offers is characteristically in opposition to any progress forward - apparently now a universal Republican stock in trade, making said party widely known as the "Party of No".

I think a more fitting phrase for Republicans these days might be the ancient Latin phrase, 'ex nihilo nihil fit' which translates to: "Out of nothing, comes nothing".

I sincerely hope the Republican Party can regain some of the courage of Abraham Lincoln, and rejoin the rest of us to benefit our nation. It is very sad to see them cowering from so much fear these days. Ignoring something in the hopes it will go away doesn't make it go away.

"Ignorance may be healed with education, but stupidity has no cure"

Friday, July 10, 2009

One High-Flying Governor Mark Sanford

A young South Carolina tractor salesman was talking with a customer one day, a gnarled old farmer. They were discussing the news of the day:

Tractor Salesman: " Yessir Mr. Harper, I sure have been entertained lately with all the goings on in South Carolina."

Farmer: "You mean Governor Mark Sanford and all his shenanigans"?"

Tractor Salesman: "Yeah. Don't it just blow your mind though? I never saw such goings on and all. It blew me away the way Sanford had the nerve to compare hisself to the biblical King David like that. Wants everybody to think he is so holy and religious and all, and was so put on by his troubles."

Farmer: "Yeah, don't that sound just like some sanctimonious damned preacher or goody-goody frigging shylock lawyer though? I wish I could say he was a preacher or a lawyer, but he ain't. He's actually a real estate broker, which is probably the next worst thing. Ain't none of 'em too been much known for telling the truth. And Governor Mark Sanford sure'n hell ain't too acquainted with the truth, now is he?"

Tractor Salesman: "No Sir. That feller sure has some gall and nerve. Lying to everybody, including his own staff and Lt. Governor, not to mention his wife and family. I mean, lookit. Here he's gone tooting off to Argentina to shack up with his hot tamale down there, on state money, lying to everybody in sight, and he wants everyone to just forget it."

Farmer: "Yep. Even thinks his old lady should put up with it. 'Spects her to just fergive and fergit. He needs a lotta luck with that! Iffen it was me, my old lady be calling the undertaker 'bout now!"

Tractor Salesman: "Yep. Looks to me like he's gonna git away with it too. He's been censured by all his colleagues and all, and he ain't gonna be worth a damn as governor no more, but he's still in the damned job. He ain't got the sense to let go, which'd be one hell of a lot better for the state."

Farmer: "Yep. Well me, I think he's gonna fall, one way or t'other. iffen they cain't git him on breaking the law, I don't think the people of this here state are gonna put up with this selfish idjit for much longer."

Tractor Salesman: " I don't know. They ain't nobody hollering loud enough for his hide yet."

Farmer: "Just wait. He just ain't high enough yet."

Tractor Salesman: "High enough? What do ya mean Mr. Harper?"

Farmer: "Yeah, but he ain't got hisself up to the top of the tree yet. He's still climbing, but he ain't there yet."

Tractor Salesman: "Well for Pete's sake Mr. Harper, he's the governor! I don't understand."

Farmer: "What I mean is, he's figuring he's getting away with everything, and nobody in this state has hollered loud enough to bring him down. Damned fool figures if he keeps on bullshitting long enough and loud enough he'll just keep his job by default. But that ain't gonna work for him forever. All his bullshitting is gonna eventually bring him down."

Tractor Salesman: "How come? Seems to be working so far. Ain't nobody mad enough or strong enough to pull him down yet."

Farmer: "Yep. But that'll change. People of this state ain't gonna keep listening to his crap forever."

Tractor Salesman: "Well, you must know something I don't know Mr. Harper. I don't see that happening."

Farmer: "Well, let me tell you a little story son. One time there was a partridge trying to fly up to the top of a tree. He kept trying, but couldn't quite make it. Then, one day he found a pile of fresh bullshit by the side of the road. So, he thinks to hisself, 'hmm. Wonder if I eat some of that iffen it'll give me the strength to fly higher'?"

"So, he took a little nibble, and sure enough, he made it up to a low limb on that there tree. So, he flew down and took a bigger bite of that bullshit, and so on and on, until finally, he made it all the way to top of that tree."

Salesman: " I don't see your point Mr. Harper. Looks like Sanford is having his way, and still bullshitting everybody, and he's still the governor."

Farmer: "Well, that's just my point son. You see, after that partridge got to the top of that there tree, that's when I spotted 'im. Took my shotgun and blew his damned ass out of that tree and had 'im for supper."

Tractor Salesman: " Wow! I see what you mean. He kept on and on with all his bullshit until he made hisself a big enough spectacle and a big enough target, until he got his ass shot off."

Farmer: "Yep son. You see, bullshit can get you all the way to the top sometimes, but it sure'n hell cain't keep yer ass there!"

Tractor Salesman: "Cain't wait!"

Farmer: "Me neither! I'm 'shamed to be called a South Carolinian long's we'uns let that fool stay in office! I swan, folks are laughing at us all over."

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Consequences of Dogma

“Dogma still smells the same whether it comes from the podium or the pulpit”
~ Steve Mading

"It is not disbelief that is dangerous to our society, it is belief."
~ George Bernard Shaw

From Wikipedia:

"Dogma is the established belief or doctrine held by a religion, ideology or any kind of organization: it is authoritative and not to be disputed, doubted or diverged from. The term derives from Greek δόγμα "that which seems to one, opinion or belief" and that from δοκέω (dokeo), "to think, to suppose, to imagine". The plural is either dogmas or dogmata , from Greek δόγματα. At the core of the dogma concept is absolutism, infallibility, irrefutability, unquestioned acceptance (among adherents) and anti-skepticism. These concepts typically invoke criticism from moderate and modulated conceptual approaches, and thus "dogma" is often colloquially used to indicate a doctrine which has the problem of claiming absolute truth, when other concepts may be superior."

Daily we witness the implacable and stubborn insistence that thus and so is a ‘fact’ in the face of all evidences to the contrary, and with no proof whatsoever of the ‘fact’. For example, we are told imperatively, that we will go to Hell unless we ‘accept’ Christ. We are told this by seemingly normal people who are utterly convinced of their dogma - with absolutely no proof beyond their ‘faith’.

In this all religions are the same, differing only in the degrees of belligerency with which they defend their dogma. For many of them, nothing, absolutely nothing, can ever convince them otherwise. And beyond that, many of these people often become your implacable enemy if you dare to question their dogma, or offer evidence of anything to the contrary. Some will attack you and some even kill you for daring to have another opinion.

Political dogma is very similar. People of a particular political view often become convinced of the utter infallibility of their doctrine. This is particularly true of so-called ‘right wing’ doctrines, which also regularly conjoin with evangelical religious views. And when religious dogma combines with political dogma the result can be disastrously dangerous to others. We have seen a lot of this in recent years, and it is certainly nothing new. The religious crusades of the 11th thru the 13th centuries were echoed during the Bush II administrations as Bush described his war against ‘evildoers’. Incredibly, we even heard a president claim he was ‘chosen by God to lead the country’.

This same president appointed General William G. Boykin as Deputy Under Secretary of Defense under Donald Rumsfeld, the now greatly discredited former Secretary of Defense. As a director of special operations forces deployed against terrorists, Boykin once famously said of Somali warlord Osman Atta:

“"I knew that my God was bigger than his. I knew that my God was a real God and his was an idol." and, "Our spiritual enemy, will only be defeated if we come against them in the name of Jesus.”


I have often mused the only real differences between Christians and the Taliban are the specific beliefs and a matter of degree of passion. This notion is reinforced when you hear of someone entering a church to kill a preacher they disagree with, or the shooting of a doctor (in church!) who administered abortions to those who required them.

Incredibly, one evangelical who published a website devoted to bringing that doctor down now decries the killing as having ‘robbed’ him because he’s ‘afraid the shooting will rob us of the truth itself. Tiller will be transformed from pariah to "martyred saint."’ The website’s author, an Oklahoman named Stuart Bensch - has devoted YEARS of his life to his dogmatic efforts to bring Dr. George Tiller down, and now maintains he must continue because “Those pages are needed to counter the blind veneration of Tiller unfolding in the mainstream media. “

(I have emailed this odious man to tell him he now has blood on his hands - which will have no effect since his dogmatic convictions will always shield him from the realities. You may do the same if you wish, by emailing him at: no2tiller@wiredok.com)

This same person, Bensch, defended James Kopp, another abortion doctor’s killer on the “Army of God” website. The Army of God even declares Kopp is an ‘American Hero’!

In such instances, there is not even a ‘matter of degree’. I always suspect, when I hear of a violent crime committed in a church, or by a religious person, that the act is somehow motivated by the criminal’s dogma and beliefs. Nine times out of ten that proves to be the case. And, there can be no more heinous acts than those committed in the thrall of religious passion.

Dogmatists aren’t interested in reality or truth. Their only interests are having their own views prevail over others. In fact, a main stock in trade is resorting to distortion, lies and manufactured ‘evidence; to do so. In the case of some Christians, they seem quite willing to violate their own oft-proclaimed Ten Commandments, i.e., “Thou shalt not bear false witness” and “Thou shalt not kill”.

There have been literally thousands of attacks, including multiple murders by dogmatic 'pro-lifers' - usually also religionists - against abortion clinics, doctors and other personnel over the past thirty years or so. Astoundingly, religious people and pro-lifers can always somehow find justifications for such transgressions if the violations fit their dogma.

Many Christians, rightfully so, decry the violent acts of dogmatic fanatics in their name. Political pundits like Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter and Rush Limbaugh do the same. However, these people should remember their fanatics feed off such fodder - and use it to justify their despicable acts. And, all dogmatists MUST take responsibility for acts motivated by their dogmatic propaganda. Simply saying they are not responsible does not make it so.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sarah Palin's Fly On The Wall

Last Wednesday Sarah Palin's fly-on-the-wall caught a chewy conversation between Alaska's Governor and Lieutenant Governor. It went something like this:

Governor Sarah Palin: "Hey Sean, step into my office would you? I've got some news for you."

Lt. Governor Sean Parnell: "Okee-dokey Guv, and what kind of news would that be?"

Sarah Palin: "Well, I guess it would come under the heading of good news, bad news."

Sean Parnell: "Hey! I love that stuff! Give me the bad news first and save the good news for last!"

Sarah Palin: "OK, Sean, here goes: I'm resigning my position as governor of Alaska."

Sean Parnell: "Hot damn! That ain't bad news. That's great news! If you don't mind my saying so, the bloom has gone seriously off your roses Guv. Folks are getting pretty damned tired of you always putting your own selfish interests ahead of the people of Alaska. With you gone maybe us Republicans will have a better chance in this state."

Sarah Palin: "Sean, that's a darned poor way to show your appreciation to me. You know when I selected you to be Lt. Governor, it was mostly because I figured it was cute our initials were exactly the same. I never thought you'd ever be governor yourself. You are too much of a dumb ass, dumber than rock in fact, and you have terrible BO and your breathe smells. Probably your feet do too."

Sean Parnell: "Well, mebbe so, but between you and the other dimwit Neocons you've pretty much train-wrecked the Republican Party nationwide. Hell, I was thinking of becoming a Libertarian myself. So, what's the other good news?"

Sarah Palin: "Well, it's good news for you. Now you will become Alaska's governor when I step down on July 26th."

Sean Parnell: "Yeah well. I'd say it's pretty much a win-win for me, So what has caused this seismic change?"

Sarah Palin: "I have my reasons. Let's just say the opera isn't over and the fat lady hasn't sung yet."

Sean Parnell: "Is it about all those 60 some odd ethics complaints against you?"

Sarah Palin: "Ethics, Smethics. Naw, it isn't that although I have to say those totally piss me off. Where do people get off filing complaints against me, Sarah Palin, Barbie-Doll Governor of Alaska and former Vice Presidential nominee?"

Sean Parnell: "Well, you know what folks say; 'Where there's smoke, there's usually fire.' I remember that's how you got in office in the first place. Mebbe somebody's after your butt the same way. You think they'll make anything stick?"

Sarah Palin: "I dunno. Depends on whether they actually apply the laws or not I guess."

Sean Parnell: "Yeah I know. It's just too damned bad us politicians can't do as we like anymore without those pissy laws and ethics complaints nailing us."

Sarah Palin: "Tell me about it!"

Sean Parnell: "So, Guv. I can't believe that's the real reason you're resigning. What do you mean the fat lady hasn't sung yet?"

Sarah Palin: "I'm gonna make my public announcement on Friday afternoon, just before the Fourth of July holiday. Maybe the news will get smothered by all the holiday excitement. I'll just hint at things like I'm positioning myself for run at the US presidency, or raising money or something like that. But, if my enemies keep digging, there very well could be more to come."

Sean Parnell: "More to come? Like what?"

Sarah Palin: "Can't tell you that Sean. You'd probably just use it against me yourself."

Sean Parnell: Well, give me a hint at least. Don't let me get blind-sided like everyone else."

Sarah Palin: "I'm not gonna give you specifics you asshole. Let's just say there could be some stuff in the woodpile and if it comes out my goose would be well-done. I don't want to be like that idiot Mark Sanford crying on national TV and trying to cling onto my job no matter how bad he screwed up. Pardon my pun, but seems like the only sex he's getting these days is by screwing up."

Sean Parnell: "Damn Guv! You and Mark Sanford? Tell me it isn't so!"

Sarah Palin: "Hell no you idiot! I wouldn't look twice at that bozo. I don't need any more trailer trash than I already have. Todd Palin is way more than I care to deal with anyway! Who the hell does he think he is anyway? First Dude my aching ass!"

Sean Parnell: "It's not Joe the Plumber is it?"

Sarah Palin: "Dammit Sean! It's nothing like that. Get your head out of your ass!"

Sean Parnell: "Well I know the media has been coming after you for all your faux pas and verbal stumbles. I see now they're after you for plagiarizing a joke about John Kerry's 'long face'. Don't you have anybody helping you by checking things for you?"

Sarah Palin: "We call it 'research'. My research staff is always on the lookout for mean jokes about other people. We thought that was a great joke and figured everybody would have forgotten it by now. Who'd a-thunk they'd remember stuff like that so long?"

Sean Parnell: "Yeah, well. And then there was that exorcism thingy by the witch doctor in your church. That didn't help you much either."

Sarah Palin: "Hell no! And it didn't even work either. I've been feeling kinda weird ever since and I still have demons coming out my ears! It's enough to make you swear off religion."

Sean Parnell: "Well personally Guv, I think you'd be way ahead if you did."

Sarah Palin: "Well, mebbe I will. It doesn't seem to be working so well for me right now anyway."

Sean Parnell: "Like what?"

Sarah Palin: "Well, Sean, I wasn't going to tell you this, and you've got to swear you won't say anything. You're the only one I'm telling and if it gets out I'm coming after you, OK? I'm pretty sure Bristol is knocked up again."

Sean Parnell: "Hot damn! How did that happen? I thought Levi was out of her life now."

Sarah Palin: "He is you idiot! But, he's not the only guy around with the hots for my daughter. But, you know that ball game I went to and Letterman made the joke about?"

Sean Parnell: "Yeah?"

Sarah Palin: "Well, everyone thought my daughter Willow was the only one of my girls there. And, the reason nobody saw Bristol was she really was shacked up with Alex Rodriguez at the time, but how was I supposed to know? Anyway, the reason I jumped all over Letterman like I did was to throw up a smoke screen. I tell, you all anyone has to do is wave a penis at that girl one time and she feels obligated to get pregnant. Abstinence my aching ass!"

Sean Parnell: "Damn."

Sarah Palin: "Yeah, if all that gets out I'll be as roasted and basted as a Thanksgiving turkey. That damned Letterman will have a field day. I can just see his gleeful damned smirk now!"

Sean Parnell: "Oh right! There was that little turkey faux pas too!"

Sarah Palin: "Dammit Sean! How was I to know they'd be killing turkeys at that turkey farm."

Sean Parnell: "Well Guv, it WAS a turkey farm and processing place after all . . . "

Sarah Palin: "I didn't realize they'd actually be processing in the background while I was there doing my video. I tell you I've got enemies all over the place just laying for me."

Sean Parnell: "Yeah well. I guess you coulda looked around a little before you started being 'Miss Precious' and all. I mean, that's in Politics 101."

Sarah Palin: "I never took Politics 101. I always go by the seat of my pants."

Sean Parnell: "Yeah well, that couldn't be any more damned obvious."

Sarah Palin: "Just what the hell is that supposed to mean, Sean?"

Sean Parnell: "Well, just look at you now. You're resigning your office and running for cover. You'll end up a political footnote. A laughing stock. A freaking joke. They'll trot you out as an example of what not to do in the future."

Sarah Palin: "Damn Sean! That's harsh. I've a good mind to just fire your stupid ass and appoint another Lt. Governor before I resign."

Sean Parnell: "You can't get away with that!"

Sarah Palin: "You bet your bippy I can! In fact, you're fired!"

Sean Parnell: "You're serious?"

Sarah Palin: "You betcha!"