Sunday, January 22, 2017

OK Right Wingers - you OWN this guy!

Attention, Trump supporters and Alt-Right ideologues! 

You are fully responsible for the consequences of what you hoped for and have now helped bring to pass.

Due to your blindness, your ignorance, and your failure to uncover, or refusal to believe actual facts when shown the truth about this colossal con, our country as a nation is now saddled with a 'President', in name at least, whether the rest of us like it or not. It's 100% your doing and he's your guy, lock, stock and in all his unbelievably bloviating and revolting ridiculousness.

Why you can not recognize this is a mystery to me. Perhaps it was the relentless propaganda and the mega-millions of dollars spent by America's oligarchy to protect and promote their agenda. Whatever the reason, you bought into this cynical manipulator's shtick from day one and never once pulled back the wrapper to uncover the rottenness simmering and foaming underneath. Even when proved over and over to you, you have refused to believe facts, and somehow justified Donald Trump's lies and nonsense to yourselves. It truly baffles me. Presidential elections have no warranty and bad apples have to be endured unless they die, or are impeached. That said, any way we could rid ourselves of this person would be fine with me.

Elections do have consequences as will soon be all too evident to all, including to you. Never in the history of our country has such an internationally recognized fraud actually been elected to this high office, and he's YOUR GUY! YOUR VERY OWN GUY!

You and the Republican Party OWN this fraud! And, since he and the Republican Party now control both houses of Congress and the presidency, and will soon own the Supreme Court too, there can be no excuses. 

It's 100% your deal now and you own it! That makes YOU responsible.

You own this odious deal 100%, along with the other results of the November 2016 election, and the saner members of our society are going to make sure you, individually and as a group, are held fully responsible for the damage this person will do to our beloved nation and our people. We will neither forget, nor let you get away with it. You can count on that. Yes, you may well end up - sooner than later in fact - with 'buyer's remorse', and rue the day you ever supported Trump, but that will never excuse your part in creating this calamity. You will very likely try to disown your support for him too as so many of you did with Bush II.

But, the fact will always remain, he's YOUR BOY! 

He's ALL yours, along with all of his 'alternative facts'!


I did not think this could ever actually happen, and hoped until the last possible moment it would not. But, the United States now has a pussy-grabbing (whether its owner likes it or not) sex abusing, narcissistic, neofascist, racist, white supremacist, military disrespecting, draft dodging, tax evading, pathologically megalomaniacal, climate change denying, Russian loving, vendor stiffing, lying, treacherous, vindictive, fear-mongering, American job outsourcing, serial adulterer as its new president. I could go on and on, but there's a limit to how much time I am willing to put into listing all the faults and crimes this insidious person represents. He is by orders of magnitude, the most disgusting, unsuitable and disastrous individual to ever rise to such a position in our country.

And he belongs to YOU. And, ONLY to you! The rest of us want no part of him. Ever.

Remember that. The rest of us will not forget . . that he belongs ONLY TO YOU!

Hopefully, any remaining sanely responsible Republican leaders have a fallback plan devised amongst themselves to shortstop damages Trump might attempt to inflict on the country through his ineptitude, ignorance and tantrums.  I very hopefully believe they do. But if they do not or can not put our country's interests over 'party loyalty', the saner ones too will show themselves to be totally irresponsible and share fully in whatever blame coming as a result of this totally unsuitable man's election. He is ALL yours after all, in name, and the GOP as a brand now owns him.

One hope and a very good thing is that it will take only a handful of responsible Republicans to cooperate with Democrats to block Trumps's country-damaging insanity. I believe this is what we shall see. I surely do hope so. But whatever it is, it will not be pretty and it will be one wild ride for everyone.

I am so ashamed of all of you who helped elect this monster for your own sakes and especially on my country's behalf.

Buckle your seat belts Americans, our ride is only starting!