Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Death of our Culture

The “Central Intelligence Agency”, which claims it exists to protect and secure the US against external threats may itself be our country’s biggest long term threat. This secretive, autonomous agency is the author of countless crimes, misdeeds and scandals which do egregious harm to our country. The CIA is in fact a terrible cancer on our country which will inevitably lead to the death of our culture.

When “The Company” began during W.W.II, perhaps it’s motives were relatively pure, although that too is questionable. But, any clandestine agency with a open-ended budget and no oversight or outside control can never resist an inevitable slide to the dark side, and sooner rather than later.

There is abundant proof that the CIA is guilty of and has engaged in the following:

Assassinations of leaders of other nations, democratically elected or otherwise;

The planning and execution of coups against other, sovereign nations;

Assassinations of anyone self-defined by the CIA as a ‘threat’;

Clandestine warfare and invasions against and within other nations;

Manufacturing false ‘evidence’ on a wholesale & sophisticated basis;

Wholesale lying to Congress and the public at large;

Engaging in illegal activities on a vast scale, including the drug trade and slavery;

Illegally furnishing high tech weaponry and munitions to clandestine & terrorist groups;

Payments to and training of domestic and foreign mercenary armies and terrorist groups;

Drug and other illegal trades money laundering;

The wholesale breaking of US and international laws, from breaking and entering through murder and genocide;

Espionage against domestic political groups and other US government agencies;

Disinformation campaigns against perceived domestic ‘threats’ - as defined by the CIA;

Disinformation & smear campaigns against US politicians, directed by the CIA and often the party in power;

Disinformation and false information campaigns in the US to influence the public support of foreign policies with hidden agendas;

The establishment of 'front companies' to engage in normal business while pursuing illegal activities on a vast scale;

The hiring of Mafia groups on contract, for up to and including murder and beyond;

Countless millions of dollars paid in bribes and direct payments to despots and terrorists overseas;

Draconian punishments of ‘whistle blowers’ who attempt to expose the truth, including 'disappearing' them;

Illegal and secret imprisonment of individuals, including US citizens, without trial and for indefinite periods;

Sponsoring physical torture of individuals for indefinite periods of time, secretly and otherwise,

with totally no accountability;

Causing individuals to ‘disappear’ indefinitely and witout trace, with no legal justification, and against all international laws, treaties and standards;

The establishment of secret prisons in our own country and overseas - the “gulags of our time”;

These are just a few of the things this ‘agency’ is doing in the name of “National Security”, at US taxpayer expense and with zero accountability. This what all US citizens are paying for with tax dollars, without choice and with no oversight.

You can not help but notice that every national scandal in the US has some kind of CIA connection.

Purported to be one of the CIA's secret prisons . . . . . used illegally for indefinite incarceration and inevitably for torture of individuals.

This what you are paying for. Are you proud?

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