Friday, June 16, 2006

The CIA (aka "Confused, Inability Agency")

After I read an article on a blog (Slate) about the CIA's web site and I just had to visit it. I had fun exploring it. For example there was this little gem on their "Employment" page:

"The CIA offers an academic environment with real world implications. Step onto the campus at the George Bush Center for Intelligence . . . . "

I laughed out loud at such an oxymoronic name for their campus. C'mon! If they can't do better than that . . . . . !

Then, there was this little gem of a press release admission:

"We did not try to hide from the criticism or make excuses. Our assessment of Saddam Hussein's WMD capabilities was flawed."
- John A. Kringen, Director of Intelligence 4/3/2006"

I mean, like most of us pretty much knew that from the get-go. What need of an 'intelligence agency' if all they are going to do is twist their 'intellligence' to support the political line of whichever party is in power?

And yes, they actually say the following in their recruitment pitch for new attorneys:

"We’ve been a major player in developing the law of national security vs. the First Amendment."

That sure doesn't leave much doubt where the loyalties lie does it?

And then, in respect to who actually runs things, there's this statement:

"There are separation of powers issues as well, because of the congressional oversight elements that we have to deal with. . . . . . . . At OGC (Office of the General Counsel, i.e., CIA's legal department), we’re the ones who decide how that gets handled."

A general observation: I've noticed that pretty much every major scandal or foreign relations disaster the United States has been involved with in the past 30-40 years has had some sort of CIA component. Every one! This is all in the name of "National Security" of course - and who can argue with that?

Well, maybe WE ALL SHOULD. There seems to be no limit to the lengths the CIA is willing to go with their *manadate of protecting national security. And, if that means protecting the CIA from their detractors (no matter what), well . . . . . that's all in the name of "National Security" isn't it? Or shouldn't it be? Well of course it is if you're of the CIA . . . .

Unfortunately, this little blog may get me on some kind of 'list' - I suppose I could even be 'rendered'. Isn't that what happens when you go through rendition?

* "Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
- Lord Acton, 1887

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