Monday, May 04, 2009

The Unbelievable Unworthiness of An Unhinged Dick Cheney

From his undisclosed location an unscrupulous former VP Dick Cheney has been lobbing verbal pot shots at Barrack Obama on his emergency economic moves. The unbelievable Cheney is criticizing Obama for deficit spending, claiming it will wreck the country. It is now widely recognized the present economic mess's chief architects were the Bush administration and Republican political leaders in Congress.

This is the very same unenlightened Dick Cheney who in November, 2002 dismissively told Alan Greenspan, "Reagan showed that deficits don't matter."

This is the same unhonest Dick Cheney who, as CEO of Halliburton Corp., helped Saddam Hussein cheat on the 'Oil for Food' program in Iraq before the gulf war.

This is the same unlawful Dick Cheney who formed an 'Energy Task Force' which held 'at least 40 meetings' with companies involved with natural resource extractive industries and exploiting energy - and then refused to disclose the participants as legally required, even after being ordered to do so by Federal judges.

This is the same untrustworthy Cheney who organized the meetings and met with the participants at those meetings. Some of those involved later went on to establish their own personal notoriety, like Ken Lay of Enron, indicted on eleven counts of fraud, and later convicted on ten of them. Other energy industry leaders who attended later mimicked an untruthful Cheney by lying and denying they had ever attended.

This is the same unchaste Dick Cheney who while on an alcohol-fueled quail hunt in Texas shot an elderly friend Harry Whittington in the face, torso and chest, saying he 'mistook him for a bird'. Incredibly, Whittington later apologized to the unrighteous Cheney saying, "My family and I are deeply sorry for everything Vice President Cheney and his family have had to deal with." Consistent with other acts by the unhonorable Vice president Cheney, the actual facts of the incident were obscured by incompatible statements, and a late reporting of the accident to local authorities,. Incredibly, the Secret Service agents who accompanied the unworthy Cheney barred other authorities from interviewing the unclean Cheney until the next day!

A contemporary high-level Republican and White House intimate was quoted by Time magazine as saying, "This is either a cover-up story or an incompetence story." Et tu, Brute?

So much for this Vice President of the United States of America taking responsibility. That's one reason he left office with an 18% approval rating - even with over 30% of Americans claiming to be members of his own party! And, this corrupt, unqualified, ethically challenged person has the nerve to criticize a leader who accepts full responsibility for everything he does?


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