Sunday, July 18, 2010

Are Tea Partiers Racist?

We've always heard the saying, "One picture is worth a thousand words". Sometimes I find that is exactly true.

We have seen and heard the claims that the Tea Party phenomenon includes a lot of racism. I have seen some indications of this but figured, well sure, there are some racists in the movement, just as there are in all political movements.  I did not believe it was rampant, or represents a large constituency in the movement.  

I now believe I was wrong.

I became interested because of the recent NAACP allegations and decided to do a little checking for myself. I always like to check for myself because there seems to be so many hysterical claims from all sides.  I spent about three hours to locate all the 'signs' I needed to change my opinion.  It appears the movement is rampant with racism and several other isms besides.  I will post some information on the other isms in future pages. I am attempting to limit my pages to one topic at a time.

There seem to be many well-meaning, sincere people in the Tea Party movement. But, by their own admission, Tea Partiers are not experienced in political activism, which might tend to make them a bit naive about the propaganda they so obviously and avidly consume. Apparently many have been convinced it's OK to bring their latent racism out of the closet once again. And, any 'political movement' championed, planned, coached and organized by a Fox News commentator who is a school dropout and has a history of alcoholism and drug problems has to be suspect from the outset. You'd think. 

My admittedly non-comprehensive personal investigation convinces me the Tea Party is full of kooks and nut jobs.  And, if you believe their claims they are not racist, I am including several dozen photographs that distinctly and emphatically say otherwise. I have gathered these from many different sources on the web, which you can do for yourself by simply searching for 'Tea Party Racist Images'.

In fact, the sheer numbers I found in such a few short, informal searches makes me fear for our country. It also makes me deeply ashamed of and for some of my countrymen and women.

Are Tea Partiers Racist?  You can bet your pig's pretty pink lipstick they are - and more!

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