Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Political Quiz for Americans in the Year 2020

Concerning US political history:

What political ‘party’ was militantly opposed to immigration of certain kinds of people and wanted to impose strict rules and limits?

What political ‘party’ was disgusted by unresponsive politicians?

What political ‘party’ was an unofficial group with no centralized organization?

What political ‘party’ was made up of mostly middle class Americans?

What political ‘party’ described opponents as “the ally of tyranny, the opponent of material prosperity, the foe of thrift”?

What political ‘party’ coordinated their votes and threw their weight behind candidates sympathetic to their cause?

What political ‘party’ delayed a national project they disliked for political reasons, and what was done under their supervision had to be redone?

What political ‘party’ encouraged violence and intimidation in campaigns?

What political ‘party’ encouraged alien and sedition laws, was forever carping about the foreign-born citizen and trying to abridge his privileges?

What political ‘party’ wanted a wait of 21 years before an immigrant could gain citizenship?
What political ‘party’ wanted to have daily Bible readings in public schools?
What political ‘party’ wanted to restrict the use of languages other than English?

If you answered “Tea Party” you would be right! 

Furthermore, if you answered “Know-Nothing Party” you would also be right!

Now, just two more questions:

What political ‘party’ had roots in another political party which ended up being destroyed in the end.

What political ‘party’ ended up disappearing from the scene?

If you answered “Tea Party” you would be right. 

Furthermore, if you answered “Know-Nothing Party” my fervent hope is that you will also be right in the year 2020!

So help me!

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