Friday, August 30, 2013

Michelle Bachmann & Rick Perry on First Mars Mission!

Mars One is a Dutch company recruiting people for a trip to Mars in 2022 - one way. Selected candidates never to return to Earth. The reason is both economical, since return transportation is too expensive, plus the fact the technology doesn't yet exist for the return trip. The company reports thousands of applicants, who send in $38 each for a chance to draw a slot for the mission. Total mission cost is projected at $6 Billion for the first mission.  The first manned mission will be preceded by at least one autonomous supply mission to provide supplies and and a ‘settlement rover’ mission intended for habitat. To put the costs in context, NASA reports spending $2.5 Billion for the Mars Curiosity mission.

Only four people will be selected for the first mission - two men and two women, but specifically not couples. Another mission is scheduled for  2025, and others would be scheduled periodically thereafter.

My initial impression was thinking “who would volunteer for a one-way mission to a hostile planet?” But apparently there are many more than willing to make the epic voyage. There is no shortage of candidate volunteers.

But upon further reflection, I thought, “Wow! what an opportunity to send people our dear planet Earth would be so far better off without!”  Why not send hostile people to a hostile planet! What a great idea!

Send  Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin with Rush Limbaugh and Rick Perry on the first mission! Send Ann Coulter and Pam Brewer with Herman Cain and Darrel Issa for the second mission! Not to wish anything that bad on a sister planet or anything, but hey, it’s already a hostile planet, right? Take that, Mars!

Besides, those people are all already certifiable Space Cadets!

Think of the grief, angst and money saved in getting such bizarre and poisonous people off our dear planet Earth. There is absolutely no shortage of ideal candidates. For Christ's sakes, we can fill at least a hundred missions from Congress alone! We should start a process for drafting candidates right away, by a vote of the people. You know, like those reality shows where they vote people off the island - well, except in this instance we vote them right off our planet! Whoopee!

And, $6 Billion dollars? Pshaw! Mere peanuts compared to the damage these kinds of self-important and toxic people cause. I am sure enough individual contributors will easily be found to fund any amount, and the possibilities are endless too. We could speed up the process and send one mission per month, or even oftener!

The sky’s the limit, to coin a phrase! Here’s my $38!

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