Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The Subversion of Our Culture

I am very dismayed and deeply troubled by this nation which today grudgingly and resignedly seems to accept so many things contrary to what I have always viewed as bedrock American values, including.

* Loss of personal freedoms;
* Unilateral attacks on our most basic civil rights
* A self-proclaimed “War President’ who abrogates draconian powers to himself;
* Secret and indefinite imprisonment of individuals-including American citizens born in our own country;
* De facto acceptance, facilitation and encouragement of the torture of other human beings;
* Ideological gerrymandering of our courts systems;
* Ideological gerrymandering of our electoral processes;
* Politicians who place themselves above the law - like the royalty of old;
* Wholesale character assassinations of individuals and groups who exercise their rights of free speech and association in peaceful protest of abuses of law and political power;
* Deliberate, dishonest and dishonorable strategies and 'justifications' for the violation of laws relating to civil rights, personal freedoms and basic human decency;
* Unilaterally arrogant disobedience of universally accepted international laws;
* The building of a Fascist type of ‘corporate welfare system’ favoring big business over people, the environment and all else.

A very real danger is that the public’s toleration of such growing improprieties and imbalances will ultimately reach a critical mass and throw our nation into actual revolution or civil war. Historically that has invariably happened in other cultures which degraded into egocentric and selfish aggrandizement of themselves at the expense of everyone else - the very place our country seems to be headed.

Only a courageous stand against the continuing ideological attacks will save the day. I wish to thank those Senators who courageously opposed the bulldozing ideological gerrymandering of the US Supreme Court.

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