Wednesday, February 01, 2006

George W. Bush Needs Your Help!

George Bush and the Republican Party want to be "Uniters, and not Dividers'. President Bush asked the nation in his State of the Union address last night to put national interests ahead of partisan bickering. Just as the Republican Party has set the example throughout the Bush presidency, President Bush believes it is time for Democrats and all dissidents to join together in putting the nation first. There must be no room for dissent, nor disagreement with the goals, or leadership of this administration, legal or not.

Many prominent Republican politicians are saying the same thing in so many words: "It is time to put partisan differences aside", and trust this administration to do the right thing for our country. After all they know best as they often tell us - they know what is going on while we can not because we don't have access to the information they do. Vital information and secrets must be kept from the public for national security reasons. If any information is declared 'sensitive' or confidential, we must trust the administration to protect that information from the public, and therefore out of the hands of the 'enemy'. We must also implicitly trust this administration to know exactly which information to protect from the public.

This administration has laid all partisans and ideological differences aside, and have no other goals than the best interests of our nation and our people. We must trust them to know and define what those are for the rest of us. If in the opinion of this administration, corporate welfare is best for the United States, then so be it. We must focus on that and set aside any priorities which may be centered on people, the environment, education, veterans, or anything else.

After all, the budget has limits. And even though Exxon/Mobil for example in 2005, had the largest profits in the history of any corporation in the history of the world, and though they have so far successfully managed to avoid payment of court ordered fines assessed against them for the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in 1989 - 17 years ago - they are still vulnerable to the vagaries of the market place and need and deserve all the breaks and gifts our politicians can provide them. The fact the oil spill ruined the livelihoods for thousands of individuals can not enter into the calculations.

So, we must help this administration finish the work they have set out to do, and trust them to do so without regard for doctrine or ideology. But, there is a problem and grave concern for this administration. Perhaps in the passion of the moment, this President, and this administration rashly, but loudly promised to go after the architect of the 9/11 attacks and get him, "Dead or Alive". That was nearly five years ago, but attention was refocused to a war in Iraq. Osama Bin Ladin is still out there running around taunting us and meeting the President's challenge to 'Bring it On" and that's not good.

So, in the interests of the good of our country, I call on all my countrymen to 'put partisan differences aside', to cease from dissent and help this President fulfill his vow to capture Bin Ladin. Otherwise, after November 2, 2006 the Republican party as we know it may cease to exist.

Please go to this web site to get information on how you may help in this vital task:


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