Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Our President, placing party politics above the interests of our country has proven himself and his administration to be totally unworthy. Time after time he has stretched the truth, lied, dissimulated, and fabricated ‘evidence’ to support his position. It’s just plain disgusting.

Of course it is not just Bush, and he is mostly just a helpless & gullible pawn being used in a larger Neo-Con agenda. But the fact remains that this is the most mistrusted and dishonest administration ever in American history. And for good reason.

We find for example that Bush, Cheney et al have themselves ‘leaked’ classified information to the press to discredit critics. This leaking has occurred even after all their crying and hand-wringing about leakers, and Bush’s determination to punish same. Disgusting hyocrisy.

Throughout this present administration we have witnessed the Neo-Con’s all out attacks on any critic or perceived enemy of the administration. No lie or tactic seems beneath them.

The White House now claims any information released was done "in the public interest", and that the president has the power to declassify information. Hah! The American people are not so stupid as to buy that and line we all know - even the Neo-Cons - that is just so much bull pucky. The difference being the Neo-Cons think that sort of thing is perfectly OK - just so long as it’s their liar doing it.

We have learned that Bush et al simply ignored any evidence that was at odds with their claims leading up to the Iraq war, or with their fervent insistence on Iraq’s possession of WMD’s. In my book anyone who ignores facts is, well, JUST PLAIN “IGNORANT”! That definition might well describe the Neo-Con position.

When are we going to get enough of the lying , distortions and hypocrisy? Our country is being dragged thru the mire by these partisan fools, blinded to the realities by their dogma. I suppose you can expect no less from folks following a game plan set by Karl Rove.

Americans must take back our country from these miscreants!

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