Saturday, April 29, 2006

A Neo-Con's Prayer

“O My God, Ye, verily I saith unto thee,

That I hath followeth false leaders,

That leadeth me unto wickedness, and the uttering of untruths,

Even tho’ I claimeth to be righteous and even virtuous,

And, even tho’ I claimeth a religion that preacheth against such wickedness,

And, even tho’ by that religion I now hath sold mine own miserable soul,

Knowingly, and even willingly, and yea, even joyfully,

Unto false doctrines, preacheth by many fools,

And, cynics, and unbelievers, tho’ verily they would have everyone believeth,

That they walketh the paths of righteousness and truth and the ‘true’ religions,

Tho’ manifestly they doeth not, yet maketh they war, and bringeth down death unto innocents,

With their hypocrisy and false witness, and yet they all,

Seek to justify their wickedness in the cloak of righteousness, and yea, even patriotism,

Tho’ it resembleth it not in the least,

And I verily even now cast down mine own nation and mine own people in my partisan righteousness,

And mine own brethren who hath sacrificed so much in the name and cause of freedom,

Tho’ I myself hath not, and yea sought to have others do so in my stead for I feared for my cowardly body.

And yet verily I eagerly followeth those same wicked ones who seeketh to twist and destroyeth the truth, and to cast lies upon those who have made the actual sacrifices upon the twin altars of blood and deed,

And, yet I do act and bear witness unto their fundamentalist doctrines for I myself have done the same,

And, followeth unto dogma that is selfish unto me, and mine own doctrinal fools in kind,

And have self-righteously borne false witness and thro’ mine own baseness and falseness,

And, hidden mine own truly evil soul which is pitiful to behold indeed.

And, I now feareth for mine own weak and sorry soul for eternity for mine own shameful wickedness and mercenary purveyance of filth, distortions and evil aspirations.

God, I am a coward of the first order indeed and feareth for my poor wretched and wicked soul in eternal Hell,

For I have abandoned any true religion and mine own country and shall surely fry in purgatory,

For mine own secular and doctrinal falseness.

O Lord, I beseech Thee now to take pity on my soul and heareth my plea.”

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