Monday, February 12, 2007


Realizing you (NBC) do not really want feedback on policy decisions, but you do need to know there can be a cost for your improper actions, and I need to let you know the reason I will avoid anything and everything by or from or promoted by NBC in the future. You made a choice to be gutless and I am choosing to exercise my free will. Message I am sending to my mail list:

"I don't know if you were aware of or remember the flap in the 'country music' field where the Texas group "Dixie Chicks" got up and publicly said (2003, in England) they were 'ashamed' of Bush being from the same state as they. It caused a huge outcry amongst country music fans and rednecks who demanded they be punished. However, sweet vengeance came in the form of their having swept the top five grammy awards in country music - a genre which they no longer even claim!

Here's the "Dixie Chicks news:


And here's just one of the gutless wonders (NBC) who fell in line with the NeoCons' outraged venting over anyone daring to criticize 'their' president, by either banning their music or their advertisements. Unbelievable this could happen in the US of A, but since Bush took power I've witnessed a lot of 'firsts' I never thought I'd see in the country I served honorably and sacrificed for!:



My hat is off to the Dixie Chick group for having the guts to stick this out - they paid a heavy financial price since about 70% of the radio stations in the country caved in and banned them for their statement - as 'punishment'.

This just goes to show that although there is a lunatic fringe operating at large in this country these days, most of us keep trying to maintain an even keel. I sure hope someone is keeping score on outfits like NBC and their cowardly actions. I know that I personally will avoid anything connected with NBC like the plague in the future and hope you will too. They will need to do a lot of fence mending in order to rebuild any reputation with me. I'd hope they'd have the courage to 'fess up to their stupidity and offer a public apology, but very much doubt they will do so.

I'd imagine the Dixie Chick gals are on top of the world right now. Sometimes this kind of payback is just so-o-o- sweet!

(I'm going to find a way to send a copy of this to the NBC brass as well as post it to my blog at


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