Wednesday, July 04, 2007

"Everybody Complains About It, But Nobody Does Anything About it"

Mark Twain famously said, ‘Everybody complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it.” Twain has been dead now some ninety-seven years, and the weather is not considered a political issue, except in extraordinary circumstances as in Hurricane Katrina.

But if routine weather were a political issue and someone tried to do something about it, I know they would be slammed for it.

Such is the case with the health care system in the United States. Everyone knows it is broken, and that it fails to provide even minimally adequate care for the majority of Americans, and that it is overpriced. Michael Moore is being roundly slammed and criticized for daring to make a movie called ‘Sicko’, exposing the hypocrisy of health care in the United States, the richest and most powerful nation in the world. The government and health care industry are pulling out all the stops to 'prove' Moore is merely a 'rabble-rousing' radical.

But, the truth is the truth, even when presented sensationally as Moore does in his movie.

US health care costs are now *16% of our GDP. In 2005 we in the US spent $2 TRILLION, or $6,700 per person on health care. Yet we still have nearly 50 million people totally without coverage. Those who do have coverage often personally spend fortunes beyond their insurance to receive the care they need.

To compare, Switzerland spends 10.9% of GDP, Germany 10.7%, Canada 9.7% and France 9.5%. ALL these countries provide health care for ALL their citizens. France, which spends proportionally the least, is widely recognized as having the best health care system in the world. The US is the ONLY industrialized country in the world without universal health care.

Why is this? In a word ‘Corporatism’, which is now our de facto system of government. Forget ‘capitalism’ or ‘democracy’, or even ‘republic’. Today, the US is ruled by corporations in a system very close to outright Fascism. Corporations are in control. They regularly buy elections and politicians, who then favor the corporations over the people, always, invariably. Giant hospital conglomerates, and pharmaceutical manufacturers are given a free pass to gouge at will. We are even prohibited by law from buying drugs overseas and importing them into our country for our own use by laws in favor of pharmaceutical companies, some of which are not even American!

Other industrialized countries are more truly democratic, and not just in name and claim only as in the US. Canada promises health care for ‘the least of us and the best of us’. In Britain they say, ‘if we an find the money to kill people, we can find the money to help people.”

In the US, ‘no premium charge is too high, and no illness too small to be considered preexisting’. Anything to avoid paying and to up profits. After all, isn’t that what corporatism is all about?

It is a shameful fact that our political leaders have sold out to the corporations and turned democracy in the US into hypocrisy. But why should they care? They’ve got full coverage don’t they? Under the political retirement system, the politicians don’t even have to rely on social security like the rest of us - they’ve got their own cushy, special system which pays them a very comfortable income, and provides full and complete medical coverage for the rest of their lives.

But, only because we allow it.

* Source: National Coalition on Healthcare


  1. Been a while since I've been over here. Great research and information.

    It's astonishing how much corporatism has taken over. I finally left my corporate job, hallelujah! and now work for a small family run design group.

    If you get a chance to watch The Corporation, well worth the time.

    I truly believe that corporations are what is ruining this country. From what I saw at my previous employer, it's an incredibly wasteful mass that doesn't even run efficiently or effectively, but yet has power it should have never gotten.

  2. just barrowing you picture and give you credit to my blog


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