Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Ten Commandments

This is priceless - and a very great demonstration of the cynical use of religion for political purposes.

The reporter questions Lynn Westmoreland, the Republican Georgia politician on his introduction of his bill requiring the display of the 'Ten Commandments' in the House and Senate. The reporter, acting friendly and supportive, draws him out, then sucker punches him verbally. Westmoreland is shown to be the cynical fool he really is.

Eyes rolling Heavenward, Westmoreland is forced to admit he doesn't even know what the Ten Commandments are! Priceless!

Oh, how cynical politicians can be when they are after those votes! Here this idiot is playing to his redneck constituency, and it jumps up and bites him right in the old ass!

Why can't most people see through this hypocrisy?

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