Saturday, January 03, 2009

Entertainment Value of Republican Politicians

I want to go on record that I heartily & sincerely appreciate all the efforts by Republicans over the past couple years to entertain and amaze the rest of the American public. You know, we've had everything from the cross-dressing Rudolph Guilianni;

. . . to Florida Representative Mark Foley who loved nothing better than turning over new 'pages' in his life - only he obviously meant those of the Congressional page boy sort:

And, of course, who can ever forget Republican Senator Larry Craig of Idaho,
who solicited gay sex in a Minneapolis airport restroom stall. Craig first claimed (in court), "Yep. I de Ho, I'm guilty as sin." but, then came back to say, 'Wait a minute now, I am NOT de Ho, and I never should have admitted 'I'm guilty as sin'. I'm actually and completely as pure as the driven snow!"

And he went on to RESIGN his US Senate seat, then flip-flopped 180 degrees on us - after we were so expectant and all - and UNRESIGNED his seat, apparently saying, "I demand do-overs!"

What's not to love about the entertainment value these ever-lovin' Republican good ol' boys provide for the rest of us? Whoo-Ah!

And by golly, I've stumbled across yet another fine, upstanding, anti-gay Republican legislator, Florida State Representative Bob Allen, who has been forced to bite the er, uh, uh, er, 'dust'' and resign his seat. Who, in spite of all his personal anti-gay efforts and convictions, this poor, innocent victim has been forced into the act of soliciting gay sex - in the form of offering to 'give a $20 blow job' in fear for his very life:

And, what's so greatly entertaining about this guy Bob Allen, is that he offered to pay for, and perform the sex act only because he was 'afraid of black men'. That's what you do right? When you're afraid of someone, a black guy, you just tell the guy, "Hey man. I'll give you $20 if you'll just let me give you a blow job!"

Right? Kind of a 'Catch 22' eh? Damned if you do, damned if you don't! What is it with those Florida boys anyway?

And, three and a half months prior to this signal event, John McCain had appointed this ol' boy as his Florida campaign manager!

I mean, God almighty Damn! You just can't make this kind of stuff up!,2933,289137,00.html

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