Thursday, January 01, 2009

Holy Cow - you just can't make this kind of stuff up!

Wow! I've been turning over some rocks looking into some of the stuff swirling around Sen. Ted Stevens and his attempts to get his seven felony convictions overturned. This is pretty bizarre.

Some new information is turning up concerning Bill Allen (the ex-VECO CEO) and his modus operandi. During Stevens' trial, Allen's nephew Dave Anderson submitted an affidavit which helped convict the senator. Now Anderson is trying to disown the affidavit and claiming that among other things, that Allen has a murder plot against his life

Recall that one of Allens' conditions demanded for cooperating with the FBI on prosecuting Stevens and the other Corrupt Bastards, was that his own children (Allen's) be left alone and not charged with anything. In other words, Bill himself would take the fall for everything. (I got the same sort of impression when Bernard Madoff confessed' to his two sons who then 'turned' him in. This is the ponzi scheme affair where Madoff is accused of stealing $60 Billion from investors.)

Now, new information about Dave Anderson, an ex-VECO employee who worked on Steven's 'cabin' is coming out. Anderson you will recall, says he submittecd an affidavit believing he and twelve others had an immunity agreement with the FBI. The FBI disagrees, and now Anderson says he submitted false information in the affidavit, and Stevens' lawyer is trying to get the convictions thrown out using that as one excuse.

Anderson also claimed that an Anchorage journalist 'saw documents' which would validate his claim for immunity.

Now, here's some background from that very journalist on the claim, and on Allen's almost unbelievably evil activities. If any of this is true, it is revealing of the methods Bill Allen apparently operated under. Murder plots and bulldozing the guy's house? This old boy is a real bully and doozy - and apparently totally used to getting his way. Holy Cow - you just can't make this kind of stuff up!

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