Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Conservative Loony-Toony Bin

I've finally figured it out. I think.

The idea has sub-consciously permeated my mind for years, but only recently formed into meaningful thoughts. The question: What makes so-called 'Conservatives' so diametrically opposite of 'Liberals' and why are conservatives so bitter and irrational?

The simple answer is: "FEAR".

I don't mean conservative in the sense of denoting 'conserving of money or resources'. Conservatives today give mere lip service to those ideas and very little action, although they make a great hullabaloo of pretense. No indeed. "Conservatism' today means 'fear of change, and clinging tenaciously to the known and comfortable', both in policy and action. Change comes to a conservative only by forcing it down their throat while he or she is kicking and screaming bloody murder.

We all know by definition 'conservatives' dislike change. But beyond that, I believe they actually live at some level of fear of anything new or unknown. Any meaningful change seems to discomfit them exceedingly. Perhaps their insecurity & fear stems from some early childhood experience, or it may be genetic, or perhaps both. One thing seems certain though: Their environment has a lot to do with it. A child raised within a 'conservative values' system has a very good chance of becoming 'conservative' himself, achieving this phobias by a constant osmosis. It is a self-perpetuating bad dream system. You've gotta feel a little sorry for them in fact.

The one huge fear conservatives all live with daily, is their gut-wrenching fear of 'liberals' and 'liberal' policies or ideas. It is an almost desperate and paralyzing fear which seems to unhinge many conservatives to the point of irrationality.

The result is their constant spewing of invective, venom and unreasoning hate against any and all liberals, no matter their flavor, and everything they stand for. And today, conservatives receive a great deal of cynical and organized support from those who use the their fears for pecuniary and selfish ulterior motives and to their own nefarious ends. Rufous Murdock, Fox News and their legions of snarky 'commentators' come quickly to mind. Their constant barrage of cynical propaganda serves to reinforce and magnify those conservative fears to the point of lunacy. For example, we experience a constant barrage of 'Obama hatred' from the conservatives, trying very hard to lay blame for so many things at his feet, when in fact he inherited virtually all his problems from their own conservative leaders!

We hear the constant wailing about how Obama's health care initiatives will break the bank, while everyone agrees what we now have will most certainly do so within a few years unless something is done. Yet conservatives still insist their way is the only way. Will they have us continue to fail to provide basic medical care for 40% of Americans while helping pharmaceutical and medical groups enjoy obscene profits? Oh, but yes! Or, like having the level of medical care in the US now ranking 37th in the world, lower than either Dominca's or Costa Rica's? Yes, I can only guess so!

I fancy conservatives buy into their own self-perpetuating dogma and myths far too deeply, permitting their cynical leaders to play on their fears and emotions to control them so they are blinded to realities. They seem to read only those things they agree with and fail to educate themselves to the broader picture, or even the realities of the recent past. I hear a constant clamor about their ideas and solutions being superior to all others, and in particular to Barrack Obama's, in spite of all evidence to the contrary. There is no pretense at being the 'loyal opposition'. It is all blind, bitter hatred.

Conservatives insist they put forth the best ideas and the only solutions? Come on! I wonder, do they mean like the dishonest administration which stampeded the country into an illegal war we can't seem to get out of? Do they mean like bringing back the laissez faire voodoo economics from the 1920's which plunged the country into the worst crisis since the Great Depression?

Do they mean like train-wrecking and trashing institutions like FEMA making the country virtually powerless to cope with a hurricane? Do they mean like so thoroughly mucking things up other countries offered us foreign aid? Hugo Chávez of Venezuela just loved that!

Maybe they mean like providing subsidies - corporate welfare - to oil companies while ignoring alternate energy solutions? Or, do they mean like bringing back and approving medieval torture methods to produce worthless 'intelligence'?

Oh yeah. Conservatives have some real doozies of ideas and solutions all right! Maybe Karl Rove was right when he said, "As people do better, they start voting like Republicans - unless they have too much education vote Democratic, which proves there can be too much of a good thing."

Methinks we need a whole lots more of our good thing!

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