Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why I Am Now A “Liberal Progressive”

I used to call myself ‘Conservative’ until the term was redefined by those claiming the title today. I still consider myself ‘conservative’ in the sense of the original Latin ‘Conservare’ meaning ‘’to save or preserve’ and marked by moderation and caution. But I no longer define myself that way since I realized the ‘conservative’ label today describes a person mostly ruled by fear, paranoia, distrust, religious mythology, deceit and insidious propaganda generated through specious interests.

‘Conservative’ today has come to mean reactionary, spiteful, hate-spewing, hidebound, bible-thumping, regressive, gullible dinosaur throwbacks to the past. There is absolutely nothing actually conservative about them.  But, they do manage to make a lot of noise - and they got their man George W. Bush into the highest office in the land for eight long, painful years.

Which was a disaster.These days, even those who call themselves conservative grudgingly acknowledge the Bush II presidency was a disaster. But, they’d also like you to believe that was simply because Bush was not ‘conservative enough’! Nonetheless, he was THEIR man, the man they cheered on and supported throughout his terms in office.That is, until the actual reality of the disaster he was could no longer be hidden, or explained away. Then, much like disgraced leaders of the former Soviet Union, George W. Bush has become a de facto ’non-person’. So seldom is his name brought up today we can almost suspect he never existed. Some so-called conservatives even openly attack him in the media today.

But George W. Bush did and still does exist, and he was the hero of most conservatives for almost eight full years. At the time, nothing Bush did, no matter how outrageous, was wrong according to his conservative cheerleaders. Which is why it is confusing to hear all that ‘don’t-blame-us’ wailing and teeth-gnashing, and relentlessly hate-spewing vicious attacks on Bush’s successor. They even openly call Barack Obama ’The Anti-Christ’ amongst myriads of other bad names.

For anyone to pay any serious attention to ‘conservative’ complaints about Obama is a lot like listening to financial advice from bankrupts.   Maybe they forget what 8 years of fully-supported conservative administration willed to the Obama administration:

Just for starters:
  • Two wars;  
  • Costs of over-involvement in the Middle East;  
  • The worst credit crunch since 1929;  
  • The worst debt crisis since 1929;  
  • A terrible housing crisis;  
  • Highest foreclosure rate since 1929; 
  • Worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression; 
  • 25-40% asset loses in housing values and the stock market; 
  • A weakening currency against foreign ones; 
  • A diminishing oil supply exacerbated by two wars in the Middle East started by Bush; 
  • The worst budget deficit in the history of the country; 
  • Climate change issues;  
  • And, a polarized electorate.
These are just a few of the legacies of ‘conservatism’ inherited by Obama.  Oh yeah - we really ought pay serious attention to all those ‘don’t-look-at-us-conservatives’ bozos.

Oh, that’s so ridiculously deliciously stupid!  Don’t make me laugh!

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