Tuesday, May 25, 2010


For years the Republican Party has been savaged as The Party of “NO” - for very good reasons in my humble opinion.  This because they have been consistently against absolutely anything proposed by anyone else. Consistently and absolutely and 100%.

They are, and have also been ridiculed as "The Party of Fear".  This because they seem impelled to resort to fear mongering in almost any situation they can fit it in - and even some they can’t.  Their insistence on  ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ and Condoleeza Rice's infamous 'We don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud . . .' are some one of their best examples of this tactic.  There are hundreds, perhaps thousands more.

They have called the Party of Distortion, the Party of Deceit, the Party of Disingenuity and the Party of Dissimulation - all for good and sufficient reasons;

Republicans have moved a terribly long, long way from the once admired and respected Party of Lincoln.  Lately, maybe they suspect they may need to fix some of these perceptions.   

Republicans are now appealing to the public for ideas on ‘How to Fix the Country’.  An open admission they are smack out of ideas themselves. They seem to want to ignore the very pertinent fact they recently had eight full years to fix the country themselves.  But, who wouldn’t want to disavow all that went on then? During those eight years they went a long ways towards train-wrecking the nation - apparently one of their favored moves a la New Gingrich’s 1995 tactics during the Clinton administration.

But hey, all that’s in the past, right?  Ancient history, right?  Now they want everyone to forget all that and move on to ‘fix the country’ - under their management of course - that’s the only way they can accept change.

So, they’re asking for folks to submit new ideas on how to fix things.

Only trouble is, they will consider only the ideas they agree with - up front.  I have to ask you: HOW OXYMORONIC IS THAT?

I ask you.  Seriously.

I am a moderate ‘Independent’ and don’t subscribe to any political party - I have lot’s of problems with some of those gutless Democrats too - but at least the Democrats haven’t publicly admitted they are completely out of ideas yet.

Still, I am heartily sick of them all.  George Washington hit the mark spot on when he urged all political parties should be outlawed.

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