Monday, August 08, 2011

A Capitalistic Oligarchy

It is glaringly obvious our democracy ain't that any more, and is now wholly subordinated to Capital (with an uppercase ‘C’), big corporations and uber-wealthy individuals. For all intents and purposes, the United States is now become a feudalistic super-oligarchy run largely for the benefit of Capital.
We can not blame this on any particular political party as both are hugely guilty of carrying water for Capital, although Republicans have certainly become the poster child of late.
Capital being inorganic, is incapable of feeling, thought or emotion. Consequently, we, “The People” should always keep the following things in mind about Capital and Capitalism:
  • Capital has no conscience;
  • Capital has no morality;
  • Capital does not care for justice;
  • Capital does not care for legalities;
  • Capital does not care for fairness;
  • Capital does not care for freedom;
  • Capital does not care for the environment;
  • Capital does not care for individuals;
  • Capital does not care for society;;
  • Capital does not care for humanity;
  • Capital does not care for democracy;
  • Capital does not care for the future;
  • Capital fares well under Fascism;
  • Capital fares even better under right-wing dictatorships; 
  • Capital fares best of all in an oligarchy;
  • Capital fares least under a democracy which cares for the welfare of all its people;
  • Capitalism abhors and is the mortal enemy of equality;
  • Capitalism cares ONLY for MORE Capital gotten NOW or in the very near future;
  • Capitalism cares in the end, ONLY for Capital!
Anyone who doesn’t understand these things is fair game and a ready sacrifice for the alter of and in the favor of Capital and Capitalism.
Karl Marx and Lenin based their revolutions on these notions. When their revolutions manifested under the ‘dictatorship of the proletariat’ as the Communist Party, problems and chaos arose. First Fascism, and later Capitalism used the resulting excesses to demonize, Communism, and conveniently, by extension any ideas of socialism.
I notice where true socialism is tried it is usually successful, and always without exception, broadly and viciously attacked by Capital. This has gone on so long now many, perhaps most, people in the western world are now so propagandized they think of socialism if not actually evil, as disagreeable. Anyone in America openly advocating programs to help 'people' is invariably labeled ‘liberal’ and quite often as ‘unpatriotic’,  ‘communist’, and even ‘traitorous’. Such is the power of Capital and its propaganda, it persuades many people to go against their own interests. The Tea Party is a good example of that.
I happily embrace the label ‘liberal’ myself as I see that as progressive and good. 
Capital has proven expert at working behind the scenes to effect change for its benefit. Flying under most people’s radar screens for at least the past two decades is a shadowy, secretive group which is very successful, and now on the verge of grabbing the entire pie. I like to think I am politically aware, and pay attention, but only recently learned of this organization, financed 95-99% by Big Business, i.e., ‘Capital’. It’s tentacles are everywhere, in every state and national capitol, and all in between. If you care about your country and democracy it will scare you to death. It is nothing short of hideously EVIL, and solely the invention of Capital.
I knew things were bad, but never suspected such evil. I guess in hindsight I should have known better. I will go into further details in a later blog posting, but you can look into this malignant tumor before then by googling the term: 

 “American Legislative Exchange Council”

Fair warning: Better have some nausea medication handy.

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