Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Paying Attention

June 15, 2005

Is anyone paying attention? Will we allow the coup to continue? I've been watching in disbelief now for over five years as American values continue to be eroded away day by day with hardly a peep out of people. Things I never believed I would ever see, like:

Americans imprisoning people Indefinitely without trial;

Americans malteating and torturing prisoners;

Americans accepting lying as a way of life - with the liars not even bothering to defend the lies;

Wholesale assault by an administration on personal freedoms we've all long taken for granted with hardly any outcry;

Wholesale assault by an administration on citizen's in favor of big money interests;

And on and on and on.

What kind of legacy will Americans leave to our children and grandchildren?

Whoo Boy. . . .

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  1. This little blurb which I sent to: Adam Graham at "Adams Blog" ( elicited some of the usual hyper-blather and misleading distortion commonly ventilated by people like him (Maybe it has a genetic component?).

    Apparently I struck a nerve with him in asking why neo-cons aren't lining up to volunteer for military duty (according to Adam's Blog he's never done so because he's been told he would never be accepted - yet he's never bothered to put that to the test. How convenient!).

    Besides being obviously overweight, which some bootcamp somewhere would soon put to rights, thereby doing Adam a huge favor and probably prolonging his life (Uggh!), he looks pretty fat 'n sassy to me! (Well, maybe not too sassy, but definitely grossly overweight for his age - wonder where that comes from?)

    As a veteran I never get over these fat-assed 'super-patriots' who never put their own asses on the line, for anything, not once, anywhere, never, no time. But they feel quite fully qualified to tell everyone how to run the world and send everyone else off to war.

    Sorry Charlie (or Adam as the case may be), who's threatened as follows: "Buddy, if you don't want me to come to your house and start shouting, don't do it on my blog." because of my 'profanity" (check it out for yourself!).

    Come on Adam, come on over anytime and start shouting!


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