Wednesday, June 29, 2005

What if you gave a War and no one cheered?

What if you gave a great big hyped speech and no one cheered? What if you staged your speech at a great big army base to insure a friendly, supportive audience? And what if those big supporters just sat there in stony silence?:

"Most striking was the eerie silence in the room. There were no shouts of HOOAH -- the military salute -- and only a single burst of applause during the 28-minute speech. The White House had allotted 40 minutes for the remarks. Without the applause that may have been anticipated, Mr. Bush wrapped up in just 28 minutes."

"Compare that to his triumphant speech aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003, when he spoke in front of a crowd of sailors and announced that major combat operations in Iraq had ended. "The United States and our allies have prevailed," he declared. That address was interrupted 22 times by raucous applause from the service men and women on deck with the president. And the military setting was front and center."
-News report from PBS

My, my, how times they do change . . .

My, my, how the silence it does ring as loud as any bell . . . across the land! and, where oh where are all those brave chicken-hawk flag waving, chest thumping 'patriots' now? Their silence, it is deafening . . .

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