Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Actual Intelligent Thought vs. Fantasy

Why would some lousy Democrat from Oregon know more about the danger faced by New Orleans from any hurrricane than the entire Bush Administration and the responsible people on the ground in Lousiana?

Well, maybe and probably because he took the time to actually THINK ABOUT IT!

From: "The Hill" ("The Newspaper for and about the US Congress")

"Oregon lawmaker warned of danger faced by New Orleans:
For years, Louisiana lawmakers have warned of a possible flooding disaster in New Orleans.

But one of the most outspoken legislators on preparing the city for a storm like Hurricane Katrina was a Democrat from Oregon.

Earlier this year, Rep. Earl Blumenauer delivered a speech on the House floor that drew parallels between the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia and the vulnerability of New Orleans.

Blumenauer’s predictions of a catastrophe came true as Katrina flooded New Orleans, leading to a death toll that is expected to climb into the thousands.

On Jan. 26, Blumenauer said a hurricane hitting New Orleans would lead to a “30-foot wall of water hitting the city, causing thousands of deaths and $100 billion in damage.”

He added, “The experience of Southeast Asia should convince us all of the urgent need for congressional action. … Prevention and planning will pay off. Maybe the devastation will encourage us to act before disaster strikes.”

* In a Sept. 15, 2004, floor speech, Blumenauer said damage inflicted by a hurricane “might represent the loss of the city of New Orleans. … Now is the time to deal with policies that will make a difference protecting people.”
- Bob Cusack

* And that was almost exactly ONE FULL YEAR AGO!

This administration doesn't deserve the honor of being 'IMPEACHED' - the ones responsible, and most especially those politically appointed FEMA idiots, should simply be drawn & quartered - along with all their bosses. Simpler, vastly more justified, satisfying, and infinitely cheaper - and that should make the Neo-Cons happy anyway! That is, unless they are part of the problem . . .

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