Thursday, September 29, 2005

"Ethics" are captured by Republicans

Well Tom Delay, that fat-assed bug killer and Republican Congressman from Texas has finally been indicted for *'criminal conspiracy', though I wouldn't want to make book on whether he will be convicted, nor what his sentence would be if so. Here's what he's had to say:

“I have done nothing wrong . . .charges against me are a sham . . .this is one of the weakest, most baseless indictments in American history . . .”
- ex-Speaker of the House , Texas Republican Congressman Tom Delay

The US Congress’ House Ethics Committee (officially, “Committee on Standards of Official Conduct”) has three times censured Delay for ethics violations, and Delay has been under fire countless times for outrageous and illegal behaviour.

“I am the victim of a partisan political hack who happens to be a Texas prosecutor . . and a runaway Grand Jury . . .“
- ex-Speaker of the House , Texas Republican Congressman Tom Delay

District Attorney & prosecutor Ronnie Earle of Travis County, Texas has brought charges against 13 Democrats and 2 Republicans in his prosecutorial career - and that is a TEXAS grand jury for Christ's sake!

Remember that Delay is the Congressman who wanted to throw the book at judges (arrest them!) for their legal decisions in the Terry Schiavo case;

Remember too that Delay is the Congressman who famously once retorted in a Washington restaurant when told that government rules prevented his smoking there,

“I AM the government!” (Doesn't that arrogant asshole statement remind you of “Let them eat cake!” somehow?

Remember too, that Delay is the Congressman who tried mightily as House Majority Leader to overturn house rules (put in place at the insistence of Republicans!) requiring leaders to step down if indicted - and was only narrowly prevented by wide public outcry.

Speaking of that ethics committee, do you find it odd that TWO members of that House committee actually contributed to Tom Delay’s legal defense fund? ((Rep. Lamar Smith, R-Texas and Rep. Tom Cole, R-Oklahoma).

Not only that, but Representative Smith CO-HOSTED a 2002 fundraising breakfast to benefit the DeLay-founded political action committee that is now the subject of the grand jury investigation in Texas, and the basis of Delay’s current indictment! Whoo Boy! Talk about being judged by your peers!

That PAC is the “Texans for a Republican Majority Political Action Committee” (TRMPAC) about which Rep. Smith once said: “ "When someone joins this committee, they make a solemn vow to protect the integrity of the House of Representatives. That means that every decision has to be based on the merits, not partisanship."

(That absurd statement should make a serious reason for pause, as a ridiculously obvious oxymoron if nothing else!)

And or course, Roy Blount, Delay’s replacement as House Majority Leader says, "Tom Delay has always had, and continues to have, the strong support of the (Republican) party."

So, do Republicans actually support ‘ethics’ and by connotation the American people, or are they just strictly partisan Republicans and nothing else? I suppose we shall soon see . . . I have written my sole Congressman (Republican) to ask about this and await his reply.

*(Republicans must be so proud!)

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  1. A cabal of criminals investigates, indicts, tries, convicts, and sentences itself?

    Dream on!


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