Saturday, January 20, 2007



It is nearly done. The transformation of America into a buffoonocracy that is. This little understood transformation has been slowly eroding democracy in our country since Richard Nixon's time. Sure, there have been setbacks and glitches, but overall the transformation has been a great success. Like a slowly rising tide, the campaign has been innundating and inexorable.

First comes the dumbing down. This is usually accomplished by reducing the amount of money available to educate children. Today, America's children arrive in early adulthood dumber than sacks of hammers and in huge numbers. Capable of working, but too stupid for thought.

Cutting educational funding is justified as 'tax cutting' & 'budget cutting' measures. There are also many other hidden ways that education is eroded, such as the pervasive push for the teaching of 'creationism' and other fundamentalist simplifications to turn back the clock to the middle ages and days of serfs serving feudal lords. Simultaneously there is a relentless propaganda campaign against anything progressive or liberal. 'Liberals' are now successfully demonized as a type of person - the 'other' or 'undesirable' sort.

'Fundamentalism' and 'Conservative' becomes the buzz and catchwords of the last two generations. Fundamentalism is defined as 'getting back to the basics' or something hard to change. The myths of religion were enshrined as foundation stones of our Buffoonocracy. In more generic terms 'pigheaded' describes fundamentalism rather well.

A 'Conservative' on the other hand is someone who never wants to try something for the first time. As Franklin Roosevelt famously said, "A conservative is a man with two perfectly good legs, who, however, has never learned to walk forward."

Conservatives have found buffoons to be very easily managed. They can be economically enslaved and seem even happy about it, or at least complacent. Since most never gain the capacity for intelligent thought, they are unable to figure out they are enslaved. As long as you promise a buffoon that he too, has the potential to share in the 'great American dream' and can become rich himself - like his masters - he'll work his ass off for you. Meanwhile, the head of his corporation takes home 400 times the buffoon's annual paycheck - laughing all the way!

A buffoon becomes dangerous when he figures things out for himself, so the goal of conservatives is to keep him dumb and complacent. In the vernacular, 'Fat, Dumb & Happy.' This is accomplished by a relentless campaign from the far right to convince the buffoons their masters are really their heroes, and have only their interests at heart. Meanwhile the buffoons are being used up and discarded like a dirty towels.

Their pension funds are attacked and robbed. They no longer have health care insurance, and all the largesse flows to the elite side of the equation who themselves of course enjoy the fruits of their disenfranchisement of others.

Yes, it is nearly done - the Progress to a New American Century - where the elite will rule without serious opposition, and as they are convinced they are royally entitled.

But the good news is an unhappy buffoon can be lethally dangerous when he finally awakes to what is being done to him. History shows the pendulum ALWAYS then takes a lethal swing.

Just ask the ghosts of French royalty, or Russian aristocracy.

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