Thursday, January 11, 2007

President Bush Grabs A Bigger Shovel!

Washington, DC 1/11/07: The irreverent Molly Ivins, President Bush's fellow Texan, says "The first rule of holes is: 'When you find yourself in one, quit digging!' " After our president's speech last night, it's now patently obvious that the Bush either never heard of this rule, or just does not subscribe to the notion. But chances are good that since he says he doesn't read, he's simply never heard of this rule.

In his speech to the nation on Iraq, the president said that instead of 'quit digging', he's actually grabbing for a much bigger shovel! It figures. This president has ALWAYS marched to his own drumbeat no matter what. No matter how many experts, or more qualified people on so many subjects advise him on any matter, this president invariably is going to 'do it his way', regardless of the consequences. Some may admire his independence, but when that stubborn streak meets up with his lack of intellect - as on most matters it seems - disaster is a normal result.

Such is the case in Iraq. President Bush insisted on his war there no matter what. No matter what the experts told him, no matter what the facts were, no matter how many people cautioned him to be certain and to be careful, he pushed for his war in Iraq over all objections from anywhere in the world. Colin Powell even told him on Iraq, "Be careful Mr. President. You break it, you fix it."

But, it did not matter. Because of the 9/11 disaster, Bush and his supporters were able to stampede Congress, the media and the frightened public into supporting his war in Iraq. Under false colors of course, and for many deceitfully manufactured reasons, but a war all the same. As we now all know, it has been pretty much all downhill from there. In fact, it has become a quagmire and unmitigated disaster which will follow this country for generations. Bush's insistence on his war, and the subsequent complete mismanagement of the situation has resulted a nightmare which will plague our children and grandchildren and beyond. In other words, he's dug our country a rather large and dangerous hole.

To his credit the president last evening did issue a Mea Culpa of sorts - his first ever - acknowledging his personal responsibility for being wrong on Iraq. But incredibly, he then presented his new plan which could only rightfully be entitled, 'Even More of the Same!'

Our War President is saying: "Just Hand Me That Bigger Shovel!" Even the soldiers in the field guffawed!

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