Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind, and Out In Space Somewhere!

I, for one have never claimed 'George W. Bush' as 'my president'. Early on I knew this person could never be 'my president'. He might be president for 'some of the people' - those who helped and enabled him to steal the office in the first place, but he will never be 'my president'. Never, no time, thank you very much.

And, he is widely recognized today as the worst thing to happen to our country in history.

Oddly enough, George W. Bush seems to know this. And oddly, it seems to be about the only thing he 'knows' that is factual, or in the realm of reality. Everything else he says he 'knows' turns out to be exactly wrong. But, George W. Bush knows this, and the people around him know this.

Therefore, it is necessary to shield him. From reality that is. If there's one thing this person can't tolerate, it's reality. (I am very loath to call him a 'man', since there is very little 'manly' about him) And, that's why George W. Bush et al, must be protected from facts. That's why his handlers do that for him. There's even a policy manual for it! It's called the "PRESIDENT ADVANCE MANUAL" and is designed to protect George W. Bush from dissenters and dissenting views - facts if you will.

If he doesn't see or hear it, ipso, facto, it doesn't exist! Simple as that!

And so, in the disconnected fantasy world of George W. Bush - and his Neocon supporters we witness our government touting the wonderous achievements of our national nightmare. Whoever said propaganda based on the Nazi method had ever gone out of style?


(and, this not incidentally paid for by the US Taxpayer!)

So far, it has proven to be very effective! Meanwhile, the nightmare continues . . . . .

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