Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Righteous Super-Patriots On The Right

Ever since Ronald Reagan’s administration made it legal for money to dominate the media and buy votes, America has produced a crop of ‘Super-Patriots’ among so-called ‘conservatives’. Unfortunately for our country, they are neither patriots nor conservative.

They are the ones who are screaming loudest for war and invasion and blood - so long as someone else is in the line of fire, and not them. They are very aptly nick-named ‘Chickenhawks’.

Their ‘conservatism’ is in fact a preference for tax breaks permitting corporate economic dominance so that the richest and greediest 5% get every richer and continue feed their insatiable greed. Meanwhile, the public, the foolish citizen is saddled with ever more debt. Our national debt is now the highest in in history by several times.

These so-called ‘conservative leaders’ have propagandized many ‘conservative’ voters to the point of irrationality by demonizing any ‘non-conservative’ as unpatriotic. They define any liberal or progressive as traitorous - regardless of the facts.

They have used their money to hire their hack propagandists to spew a steady diet of distortion, deceit, slander and lies. Here are some facts about some of these ‘Super-Patriots’:

Super-Patriot Who Did Not Serve and drug addict Rush Limbaugh
: Recently had the audacity to call actual combat veterans ‘PHONEY SOLDIERS’. But Rush himself sought and obtained a draft deferment during the Vietnam War because of an ‘anal cyst’. Very aptly named in my personal opinion. Perhaps it was the terminal end of the broad yellow streak running down his back

Rush is defended in Congress by none other than John Boehnert, Republican of Ohio, another Super-Patriot Who Did Not Serve - and who thinks our losses in Iraq are (direct quote) ‘a small price to pay’.

Rush is also defended by Republican candidate for president Fred Thompson, yet another Super-Patriot Who Did Not Serve.

So, many veterans are wondering; "If these Super-Patriots Who Did Not Serve are the 'real patriots', what does that make those of us who actually sacrificed to serve our country. Chopped liver?

And, what about those veterans like me, who violently disagree with and are disgusted with the greedy, fat-assed Super-Patrtriots Who Did Not Serve - are we really unpatriotic? Gosh, and all this time I thought my sacrifice was standing up for my country!

I must have been mistaken . . .

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