Friday, June 11, 2010

Marriages Made in Hell

Sometimes, often, marriages are for convenience.  ‘True Love’ is the traditional motivation for a marriage, but other factors surely play a major role.  There’s the old adage that ‘two can live as cheaply as one’ for example used as a justification.  Many young women opt for an early marriage to get away from their parents’ rule, often accepting a less than ideal partner in a kind of lesser of two evils sort of way.  Young men sometimes do the same thing for the sake of regular, more or less guaranteed sex - though often to be sorely disappointed in that aspect in the end.

Some marry for money, some for social status, and some for security.  Others get married to enable them to immigrate to a new country and so on and on.  There are myriads of reasons for marriage other than the traditional ones of love, to gain a life partner for mutual support, respect, and to form an enduring family.

A marriage partner by definition, largely accepts and embraces the other party along with all their warts, sicknesses, bizarreness and reputation.  In most marriages a party even assumes the other’s financial obligations, as well as legal and other challenges.  And, the most common denominator of all marriages of convenience is they usually, almost invariably, do not endure.  They do not last, and when the break up comes things tend to get very, very ugly.  Marriage breakups of any kind all too often lead to outright disaster.

We are now seeing political marriages of convenience on a national level, or rather a series of them.  Republicans are falling all over themselves in their rush to embrace the Tea Party movement and their attempts to form political marriages for political gain - another common reason for marriages of convenience.  But,  Republicans are playing with dynamite and courting disaster, if not for the party at large, then certainly for the individual candidates who are so eager to get in bed with the new movement which may be compared to the new, hot girl in town.  The perception is that the Republican Party in the aggregate is trying to climb on the Tea Party ride.  The party at large will certainly pay the price for the disaster that is almost certain to follow.  Let me tell you right here, there are myriads of bizarre warts, zits, diseases and blemishes inflicting those Tea Party people.  Some, more wiser Republicans perceive the danger and quietly try to distance themselves, without offending anyone, but many more are actively and eagerly courting the Tea Partiers like high school football players after the sexy prom queen.

The Tea Party and the arch-conservative nut jobs behind that movement are eventually going to drive the the Republican party so far to the bizarre right they go not only into the ditch, but right off the far right side of the cliff.

Surely they are watching the polls.  What in hell are Republicans thinking?

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