Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Republican War On People

First, let me say I am not a Democrat. Or Libertarian, or Green or whatever. I am 'unaffiliated' and always have been. In fact I am a 'conservative' person (in the true sense of the word) and have probably voted for more Republican candidates over the years than any other party, or even a combination of 'all others'.

But, no more. The Republicans of today are not the Republicans I used to know and love.

Why? Simply because it has become glaringly obvious to me the folks who call themselves 'Republicans' today are not friends of 'the people'. Instead, they are supporters of business and not one thing else - unless it be war for the benefit of business. Every time the interest of the people come in conflict with 'big business', the people lose, each and every time. Guaranteed.

The Republicans running things trip over themselves to support the lessening and defeat of regulations designed to protect PEOPLE, the environment, etc., you name it - ranging from petty to the very large. As a side note, their propaganda machine succeeds in mobilizing a large number of people in support of their depredations. The very folks who will suffer the damage.

Tragic really.

The following is a great example in graphic subterfuge (image borrowed from Scientific American September, 2007):

(Click on image to expand)

Image on the left came out in 1992 and was reasonably easy to understand.. Image on the right replaced this in 2004, and the 2005 is an enhanced version of that. (View for your self at):

The 2005 version advocates 'more exercise', but hides what the pyramid actually consists of - unless you take the trouble to look it up for yourself - and that takes digging into the site at least two more clicks. The right hand image was developed with the 'help' of food industry lobbyists - who not surprisingly think folks should eat more - not necessarily the best thing for one's health. The 'exercise' component is apparently thrown in to help offset the ensuing damages).   This is deceit and favoritism at its most basic level.

And we are left to wonder why our young people are going through an obesity epidemic?

This is our 'benevolent' and 'people friendly' government under Bush and his legions of special interests. The health and welfare of citizens always takes a back seat to the need for making ever more dollars from them. The danger for the Neocons is that 'the people' are beginning to notice the duplicity and corporate favoritism.

And, let's don't even talk about energy costs except to say it is well worth remembering that average gasoline prices were $1.46 per gallon when our War President took office! Even after adjusting for inflation, gasoline prices at the pump are now almost $1.00 more per gallon than when our "Uniter' took his oath of office.

Am I missing something here?

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