Tuesday, April 29, 2008

US Department of Justice

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I never thought I'd live to see the day my own government became the insidious, sneaky criminals they have under GW Bush. Forget George Orwell's '1984' indeed. That has nothing on GW Bush's '2008'.

Not content with the manipulation and propagandizing of the news media, the US government under the control of George W. Bush appears completely determined to REWRITE THE ACTUAL FACTS anytime they displease the powers that be - true or not. With the Bush crowd, truth is definitely not a parameter.

Certainly your might expect such a thing in a place like Red China, but the US? Under this administration? Oh my yes indeed:
And don't forget the folks at the US Department of Justice are the very same boys who wrote letters validating and authorizing the use of torture of prisoners. For the first time in US history I might remind you. Shameful indeed.

On the other hand, the George W. Bush administration has set MANY historic 'firsts' and all-time records - and not a single one of them to be proud of or brag about. NOT ONE.

But, at least they wrote letters to excuse themselves on the torture thing, while Saddam Hussein or Robert Mugabe didn't need to bother. But then, GW Bush likes to cover his ass.

And, of course when caught red-handed, GW's folks claim that the 'editing' , even tho' done during business hours, and from government computers was the fault of 'individuals' and not the government departments involved. This useful denial tactic is apparently very contagious and has bled over into the activities of our erstwhile allies in the 'Global War On Terror' in Great Britain, who claim their own editing on such topics was,

Oh but, of course not!

Where will it end? Who knows? But, FAIR WARNING - it's getting pretty darned late in the game already.

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