Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to make W.A.R. on extremists

Do you ever wish you could make some kind of an effective protest when you see, read about or hear about some asinine thing our public figures do?

Cheer up. There is a way!

What brings this to mind is the thought of the dogmatically partisan acts our political leaders sometimes engage in. A prime current example is Alaska's governor Sarah Palin, who last Fall was so suddenly thrust upon the national stage it apparently addled her brain. Since her selection as Senator John McCain's running mate she has apparently been on a non-stop and blatant campaign running for the presidency of the United States - even though other national Republicans, including John McCain are studiously and carefully keeping their distance from her.

Forgetting the needs of the state she supposedly governs, Palin deliberately engages in provocative acts apparently designed to improve her image amongst fellow neoconservatives nationally. The list of her actions is long - and Alaska's citizens and state politicians are quickly losing patience with her - even her fellow Republicans, especially the moderate ones.

Ah, but she has a national neoconservative following which is invariably thrilled whatever she does. Some will sing her praises no matter what, or how many pigs she kisses. The more outrageous she is, the better they love her. Fortunately, they are but a small minority of the voting public.

Robert Watson, a professor of American Studies and presidential historian at Florida's Lynn University commented that Palin, " . . . . seems like a train wreck in slow motion,"

Her latest obscenity - and that's exactly what it is - is the appointment of a near Nazi right-wing extremist as Alaska's next Attorney General, one Wayne Anthony Ross. Ross, fortunately has so far yet to be confirmed by the legislature, but since two thirds of the Alaskan legislature is solidly Republican overall, there is a clear danger he will get the needed confirmation. It is an extremely controversial and divisive selection, even among other Republicans - some of whom still have the clarity of vision to see what this might cost the party.

Upsetting the entire Alaskan legislature three days before the end of the session, Governor Palin left town right in the middle of the legislative confirmation process to attend the Vanderburgh County Right to Life Banquet in Evansville, Ind.

Here's a few of Ross's credentials which Palin so ardently admires, and which apparently, she feels will burnish her national standing:
  • Ross once praised a KKK display, and sneered at student protest to same;
  • Ross has a long history of hatred and censure of homosexuals of any kind;
  • Ross owns and drives a red Hummer vehicle with license reading 'W.A.R.';
  • Ross has been a National officer of National Rifle Association;
  • Ross claims to be a staunch Christian, who feels if he can overturn Roe vs. Wade, he will get 'his ticket to Heaven'. (No, honest! You just can't make this kind of stuff up!)
There is possibly no one else in the entire state of Alaska who is less suited to the state's attorney general.

So, how does anyone in the public fight this kind of madness by ego-centric people like Palin? Well, not to coin a phrase, but ''you puts yer money where yer mouth is!" If Sarah Palin attends a Right To Life conference, and you disagree with that position, well, one simple way to send a message is: Donate in her name to Planned Parenthood! And be damned sure to write and let her know you've done exactly that. I've done exactly that and it felt great!

If you believe Wayne Anthony Ross's position as such staunch assault weapon gun advocate is wrong, you can donate money to a gun control group in his name, and be sure let him know about it!

It doesn't have to be much money, $5 will do. Remember. It's the thought that counts! And, the thought of your political enemy gritting their teeth is pure sweet music for the soul, let me tell you. As a bonus, the receiving group will be most appreciative! And, depending upon the group, it may even be tax deductible!

Happy giving!

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