Monday, October 17, 2005

Prime Recipe for Disaster:

First, you invade and militarily conquer a country which poses little threat to you;

Your main excuse to justify the invasion, is ‘locating and destroying’ that country’s “Weapons of Mass Destruction” which in fact do not exist;

You attempt to stifle opposition to your deceit in your own country by destroying careers of high government employees;

When no “WMD’s” are found, not even one little one, you attempt to morph your justification for your unilateral war into “removing a despotic leader and bringing Freedom and Democracy” to the invaded country, and ‘fighting a war on terror;

You bring up the example of “9/11” many thousands of times in your attempts to justify your invasion, even though the invaded country had absolutely nothing to do with that attack. This is done primarily to propagandize your own country’s citizens since most of the world recognizes the falseness of your claims;

You destroy the invaded country’s entire military and civilian infrastructure, essentially returning the country to worse than third world status and reducing the populace to desperation;

Your invasion forces utilize policies and tactics guaranteed to inflame and enrage the citizens of the country and all Islamic religious factions everywhere in the world, thereby providing the greatest fundamentalist Islamic recruitment rational in history;

Your actions create a deadly and steadily growing 'insurrection' in the invaded country costing thousands of lives and billions of dollars;

Your invasion of the non-offending country costs many billions of dollars, taken directly from other pressing needs of your own country, the true extent of the amounts spent will be hidden and never known;

In your increasing desperation to extricate yourself from the awful & increasingly deadly mess you have created, you insist on the invaded country’s adoption of a new ‘democratic’ constitution and 'self-government', under a timetable set by you, which would be optimistic even in a settled, already democratic country. You reach the point where any signed piece of paper will do, so long as you can claim you have helped the invaded country ‘achieve democracy and stability’, but like everything else you have done, that too is a gross lie and bald deception.

You have now reached the point of not only lying to your own countrymen, but also to yourself. What is so tragic is that you are apparently now believing your own lies.

Here is the proof:

New US sponsored & insisted upon Iraqi constitution:

1. Splits Iraq into three semiautonomous regions;
a. Suuni
b. Kurdish
c. Shiite

2. Each region will have it’s own military force;

3. Current oil fields will be “Federally managed”, meaning by Iraq as a whole, with the three regions combined; (This is likely to permit the control and exploitation of those oil fields by American energy companies)

a. But, all new oil fields will be ‘owned’ by the region in which they are built;

4. Islam is to be the “basic source” of all legislation and no law may contradict the ‘established provisions of Islam’; (no joke!)

5. Kurds have successfully put themselves beyond the reach of the overall Iraqi Supreme Court;

6. Women in the north of Iraq will have different rights than women in the south, with issues of divorce and inheritance to be based on religion and with different standards based on where one happens to live;

7. Shiite and Kurdish majorities make no secret of their overall power over the Suunis.

If anyone ever authored an exorbitantly expensive, undemocratic document and stupid recipe for disaster, this one is it! This so bad in fact that one is forced to wonder whether the real goal isn't destabilization in the region!

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