Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Trashing Our World

In recent decades, 95% of scientists the world over have warned about ‘global warming’ and potential destructive weather as a result;

A few years ago, many of the world’s concerned governments, including the US, got together in agreement to try to avoid global climatic catastrophe;

But the US administration under GW Bush & Neo-Con dogma, quickly torpedoed the Kyoto Accord, refusing to sign and effectively killing that process. This was a purely political and nonscientific decision in favor of big business and unsupported by scientific data. The lame excuse was that ‘global warming hasn’t been proven yet’ - which really amounts to a scam on the world at large in favor of business;

The Earth’s average temperature has risen over the past several decades, and an apparently dramatic acceleration is now in process;

Recently, the world has been hit by several increasingly catastrophic natural calamities, with destructive extent beyond anything ever recorded before;

The number of tropical hurricanes in 2005 equals the highest ever recorded in our historical record to date, with almost two months left in the current hurricane season;

The most powerful and destructive hurricane ever in recorded history is currently bearing down on Florida, as of 10/19/05;

The current hurricane season set a record for the number of most powerful storms;

Arctic sea ice has retreated the furthest extent ever recorded or known, and is projected to disappear completely with unknown climatic consequences;

Arctic climates are currently undergoing dramatic and drastic change in temperatures, threatening the stability of their environments and ecosystems;

Rare and destructive weather phenomenon is now almost commonplace across the entire planet.;

Computer models show unknown and potentially devastating consequences for our current ‘business as usual’, and indeed actually accelerated assaults on the natural environment;

Without any supporting data, this administration doggedly insists global warming is not proven and that the current, unprecedented climatic changes are ‘normal’ and a ‘natural fluctuation”. This is in the face of universally strong and pervasive scientific evidence to the contrary.
How long will people accept the trashing of the planet now being done by the fools currently in charge of the United States of America? What kind of world will be left for our children and grandchildren? Will Neo-Con doctrine kill their world?

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