Saturday, October 01, 2005

Timeline on a Meltdown . . .

It's really, really hard not to feel sorry for this arrogant bunch of smarmy Bastards. . . Wait a minute! No it's not! After all, here's a shot of them gleefully & busily 'trainwrecking the government' when Newt the Pervert was still around.

As a veteran, I know why these old boy veterans are feeling so glum about this occasion. Delay tries suck in some glory without ever paying the price. That shit-eating face kinda looks like he knows he can't pull this bullshit off, doesn't it? (But, he did try to volunteer according to him, but, "all the 'slots' were being filled by minorities!" We're not making this up!)

This is known as a 'graphical subterfuge'. So partisanly eager to slam Democrats that Delay is most conveniently ignoring the fact (lying about it!) that the DJIA was over 11,000 when GWB took office - and it still hasn't gotten back to that level yet! This shot was made in 2002.

If ever two people ever deserved one another . . . . this is 'em! Too bad Micheal Brown, ex-FEMA director couldn't make this shot. Losers all.

"Whoops! What's that sound? Does it really mean that I might not be able to bulldoze my way through breaking the law? Hey! Wait just a damned minute! I AM the freaking government, remember?"

Uh Oh!

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