Saturday, February 04, 2006

Are You One of Those?

Many of us mere citizens wonder daily where the courage is in our leaders to stand up to a bizarrely dysfunctional administration seemingly bent on the destruction of traditional American values and mores.

Why are our political leaders allowing a minority of Neo-Con ideologues to set the agenda for our entire nation and take our country down the road to ruin?

I am a 64 year old military veteran, and have never failed to vote in any election - local, regional or nationwide - during my lifetime. Never in my life have I witnessed such an abdication to an ideological and extreme set of 'standards', so foreign to what our nation was built on, nor such a polarization in our people brought out by the current Neo-Con agenda.

I am terribly fearful for my country, my children and my grandchildren. I am ashamed for my countrymen and my country's political leaders to allowing this erosion of basic values to continue. Media opposition has proved an ineffective protection against doctrinal attacks on our values from within. The media has quickly caved in to the powers of the moment like the group of supercilious whores they have ultimately proven to be.

My fervent hope is that there are still some courageous leaders willing to stand up for real American values, and face the future without fear and without abandoning the very essentials that are most precious to us. It does not appear that we have those leaders in the mainstream of either major US party today.

Most of our so-called ‘leaders’ docilely allow themselves to be ‘disciplined’ by their respective parties, and are determined not to 'rock the boat' when the very thing we need is a good, vigorous shaking all over.

My countrymen seem to have allowed themselves to be paralyzed by fear, fanned by a cynical, clever & duplicitous minority bent on prosecuting their regressive agenda any way they can. Are you one of those?

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