Saturday, August 12, 2006

An Hubristic Ex-Senator To Be

The Bush Administration as supported by Joe Lieberman, is currently in gross and direct violation of civil rights and liberties, and national and international law. It is not a pretty sight. Most Americans will not tolerate such things for very long. By supporting a contemptible regime guilty of falsity, deceit and outright criminality, Joe Lieberman has permitted his own selfish political ambitions to overpower his sense of the American way, constitutional correctness, moral right, and ethics.

In short, Joe Lieberman has prostituted himself for his own political ambitions with little apparent regard for principle or virtue and is paying the inevitable political price. So will the major players in the Bush Administration.

Joe Lieberman has now been rendered a verdict on his political persona for this. Joe Lieberman would be very wise to pay attention. It is a terrible mistake for Joe Lieberman to allow his own high-rise opinion of himself to overload his political sanity and basement-level moral judgment.

Should Joe Lieberman persist in his ill-advised pursuit of personal power at the expense of ethics, legality and morality, he will fully and rightfully deserve the political fate to be served up to him and the shameful mantle which shall descend upon him

“ When Ego and Fantasy exceeds one’s Actuality, Fiasco and Failure are the predictable Results.”

It is ‘way past time for Joe Lieberman to wake up and smell the roses.

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