Thursday, August 03, 2006

Scare Politics as Usual

What I find truly amazing - and kinda scary - is the ease which this administration has managed to induce paranoia in so many Americans. Amazing because it’s even happening and scary because of what it possibly portends for the future of our nation and culture.

The clever use of fear and the willingness of many Americans to accept just any claim regarding ‘national security’ without serious question has enabled Bush et al to get this far. But any reasonably non-doctrinal person who takes the time to do some basic research and actually question some of the more outrageous claims is forced to wonder. It is no accident that a widespread citizen belief in the administration’s propaganda - for propaganda is what it is - has enabled the far right wing of the Republican Party to gain control of the Republican Party and the nation.

This fear tactic and propaganda has been effectively employed before, and more than once. The most outrageous example in recent history was the Nazi Party in the early 30’s in Germany which ultimately resulted in one of the greatest human calamities in recorded history. This is not to compare the Bush administration to the Nazis, though there are many, many eerily similar parallels. I wish merely to point out that the clever (and planned) use of fear to incite and motivate the population can be a very, very effective control tactic.

That the 9/11 attacks occurred when they did was just serendipitous as far as the Neo-Cons are concerned as regards their hold on the party and the nation. Evidence of this may be found in the hundred and thousands of references to that event in nearly every utterance from that group to this day nearly five years later. “9/11”, “9/11”, “9/11”, “9/11”, “9/11”, “9/11” is what we hear ad nauseum. Thankfully however, recently many people are beginning to wake up to what is going on, including many non-neocon Republicans.

There is a sea change in the wind for sure. It is not because of any ‘culture of corruption’ though there is certainly abundant evidence of that and it does play a role. Corruption inevitably follows any group who gains dominance whether it be Republican or Democrat or any other group. Evidentially a certain number of any type will succumb to temptation to cheat or steal when in a position to do so. There is abundant evidence throughout history of this, from all sides of the equation.

In my opinion, partisan politics and doctrine are the real culprit. This is greatly exacerbated by the role that money is permitted to play in our system. Whenever dollars or the interests of dollars are allowed more influence than the interests of citizens we are bound to be controlled by that. And when just a few control so much wealth as in our system, we are bound to be controlled by them and their interests, whatever those may be. If those interests are merely more dollars or more power, well then you are bound to get the results we now have in our country. Guaranteed. It’s as simple as that. Until that is changed we will have more of the same no matter who is in control.

What this country really needs are two basic and essential things: 1. Campaign finance reform; and, 2. Term Limits for any public office.

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