Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One Wheeled President

Our One Wheeled Presidency
Unlike the One Trick Pony who always manages to keep his balance no matter how many times he performs his trick, our One Wheeled President totters along like the proverbial drunken sailor. The more he totters, the more he drinks, and the more he drinks the more he totters and reels from side to side. Sadly, the more he totters and reels, the more he denies he’s under the influence.

Not only is the One Wheeled President limited to one trick compounded by his continual denials, but he also is afflicted with the phenomenon of “I know it’s so because I said it’s so!” In other words he believes his own baloney. “9/11”, “9/11”,“9/11”, “9/11”,“9/11”, “9/11”, ad infinitum and "we’re bringing freedom and democracy to the Middle East” for examples.

Sooner or later a drunken sailor stumbles into the ditch if he’s lucky. But, if he’s unfortunate enough to manage to stay upright long enough to drink too much for what’s good for him he is likely to pitch into deep water, or worse even, in front of a speeding 18-wheeler.

Our stubborn, One Wheeled President appears to be determined to outright lay down in the asphalt roadway right in front of that 18 wheeler. Trouble is he’s going to take a whole bunch of others with him who perceive too late they have hung with the wrong drunk too long. They too will be in danger of being smashed to smithereens by the same roaring juggernaut which will blot the One Wheeled President into a long, greasy, stinking spot on the highway. Personally at that point in time I will only say ‘good riddance!”

There are millions who were taken in by our One Wheeled President and stuck by him through all his delirium tremens who will suffer too. Many mean well. They are not necessarily bad people. They simply bought into the One Wheeled President’s persona as ‘someone I might like to sit down and have a beer with” and looked no further - as if that could ever happen. They haven’t troubled to look beneath the surface of the “I’m just telling you it’s so” blarney & propaganda to see the reality underneath.

That’s the thing about reality though. It’s real. Hype and propaganda always give way in the face of it eventually. Always Oh, you can keep up a good belligerent show for quite a while, but as Lincoln famously said, ‘you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” And that’s the trouble - if you hang on too long the damage gets much worse. Eventually, our One Wheeled President will not even be able to fool any of the people any of the time, and that time seems to be fast approaching.

Supporters are abandoning our One Wheeled President in droves. His one wheel is smoking and noisily clattering. You must try to be out of the way when he crashes and burns.
It’s going to take a long time to get our national vessel back on course after the inebriated debauchery of the sot who somehow got his hands on the helm.

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