Monday, August 28, 2006

Running For Cover

They had to rush GWB to the hospital the other day. Seems he got undressed to take a shower and noticed all these little round bruises all over his body.

They ran all sorts of tests;

The tested him for this;

And, they tested him for that;

Then they tested him for the other;

They even tested him for testes;

All with negative results;

They re-ran all the tests;

They checked into liver spots;

They checked for adverse cocaine reactions;

They checked for alcohol poisoning;

And even marijuana reactions;

They checked on his swollen spleen;

They checked on his bi-polar disorder;

And on his paranoid dementia;
nd, his manic depression;

And his Attention Deficit Disorder;
And his speech disorder;

And nothing they checked him for;

Could cause the circular bruising symptoms;

Finally in desperation, a senior aide asked if anyone had checked him for pole bruises -

"Pole bruises?" asked one doctor.

"Sure, pole bruises," answered the former aide for Newt Gingrich & Tom Delay. "You know those spots folks get from being poked all over with 10 foot poles."
Sure enough . . . .
Like I've always said - by the time the next elections comes around you won't be able to find anyone who will admit to voting for this guy . . . but we sure as hell aren't going to ever let 'em forget!

I'm getting a real kick out of everyone running for the door these days when he shows up . . . too bad our country's paying the price.

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