Thursday, August 24, 2006


The problem with political partisanship is that supporters often lose sight of reality in their zealotry. This is unbelievably true for Bush apologists. It simply doesn’t matter to them what is or isn’t so. Even when Bush admits something, he retains many vociferous defenders in absolute denial. Case in point from a video clip of Presidential press conference played on the Jon Stewart Show:

GW Bush: "You know, I've heard this theory about everything was just fine [in Iraq] until we arrived, and kind of 'we're going to stir up the hornet's nest' theory. It just doesn't hold water, as far as I'm concerned. The terrorists attacked us and killed 3,000 of our citizens before we started the freedom agenda in the Middle East."

Cox News Service reporter Ken Herman: "What did Iraq have to do with that?"

GW Bush: "What did Iraq have to do with what?"

Herman: "The attack on the World Trade Center?"

GW Bush: "Nothing."

Yet many people in the face of all reality even today still insist Iraq was behind the 9/11 attacks, though the numbers are finally dwindling as common Americans come out of our fear-induced coma.

But see, that’s the thing about reality: It’s real. It doesn’t go away just because someone insists on something else. Saying something’s so doesn’t make it so no matter how many times it is said.

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