Monday, March 30, 2009

A Lightning Bolt From Jesus

"And now verily, Thou art mine own annointed one!"

An Alaska blogger named 'HistoryBuff' believes Sarah Palin took her selection as John McCain's running mate as a 'Lightning Bolt From Jesus', and her unrestricted license for unilaterally beginning her own campaign for national office, specifically, the presidency of the United States of America!

And lot's of Palin's actions since then seem to bear this theory out, since they make little sense otherwise. After her 'lightning bolt' selection, everything has been 'always about Sarah', hang anything else including the State of Alaska. Naturally, this gives considerable discontent to Alaska's citizens, where her approval ratings have plummeted from over 90% to the 50's and 60's - but still well over her predecessor's dismal 19% when he left office:
  • She said she would refuse the stimulus money - then said she would only refuse 43% of it. Sort of like cheering for funding for the Bridge to Nowhere, then coming out against that boondoggle;
  • She took a free ride on the GOP for $150,000 for clothing, plus another $55,000 in hair and personal stylist costs, plus $23,000 in 'accessories;
  • After Palin's selection, she quickly morphed into the rogue of the McCain campaign, becoming in the process a Maverick's Maverick (A re-Maverick?);
  • She shamelessly used her children as campaign props many times;
  • She even horned in uninvited, on her own daughter's TV interview with Fox;
  • She's most recently been in the news complaining she couldn't find anyone in the McCain campaign to pray with;
And now, it seems that Jesus' Lightning Bolt could well fissile . . .

Apparently for the publicity, Palin took it upon herself to endorse Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry over another well-known Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison. Perry, who was George W. Bush's Lt. Governor and his successor as governor of Texas, is one of those five Republican governors who, like Sarah 'refused' the Stimulus Package. That's in spite of the fact Texas has the highest child homelessness rates in the nation, lowest expenditure per pupil for Texas childrens' education and many other notable economic deficiencies. But then everyone by now should know the new Republican maxim: "Doctrine over reality".

Palin's endorsement prompted a Texarkana Gazette editorial to declare, "When it comes down to it, Palin doesn’t know Eskimo from Alamo about Texas government and politics.";

Palin still takes flak for her exorbitant use of GOP money for clothing and accessories - roughly a quarter mil or so. One pundit has declared - based on Palin's nearly legendary ignorance on anything outside Alaska - that she most likely simply believes NAFTA stands for, "Need Another Fifty Thousand For Accessories";

Palin repeatedly tries her versions of strong arm politics against her opponents, most of whom are better at the game, and which usually leaves her with egg all over her face. One problem is Sarah keeps trying unfamiliar language to appear knowledgeable and intelligent - and coming up otherwise. Sort of a George W. Bush in lipstick in fact. For example, here's what she told interviewed matt Lauer after the election results were in: "we tried to articulate that we were the true change agent that would progress this nation."

You betcha!

But, Sarah is nothing if not consistently 'radically conservative'. For example, she recently chose as Alaska's new Attorney General, one Wayne A. Ross who happens to be a director for the National Rifle Association, and has been knighted by the Vatican for his anti-abortion work. Ross's red HUMMER carries a personalized license tag reading "WAR". (Ostensibly for 'Wayne Anthony Ross'?)

Honestly, you can't make this kind of stuff up!

Palin's extreme radicalism can only be good for progressives everywhere!

Keep it up, Sarah!

You betcha!

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