Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Reality Challenged, Doctrinally Blinded and Aggressively Obtuse, Republican Right

There are commonalities between the so-called religious right and the neoconservatives. Often the two have overlapped of course, especially after the far right cynically and successfully managed to co-opt so many Christian groups to their banner over the past decade or so.

There is their steadfast ability to ignore realities. Followers in both groups demonstrate an amazing ability to ignore facts in favor of what they wish to believe. They are guided in this by the sustained drumbeat of massive propaganda directed their way, and which they seemingly eagerly lap up without question. It's sort of a 'believe what we tell you, and ignore anything different, even if it's right there before your very eyes'. A great example of this was the insistence that Iraq was somehow responsible for the 9/11 attacks, even though there was nary an Iraqi involved in the event, and fifteen Saudis ('Our friends and allies') who were. Simply amazing.

Then there is the relentless clamor insisting only Sarah Palin (or Republicans) can restore 'sanity' and balance to the government not if, but when she (or a Republican) is elected to the US presidency in 2012. Leaving aside the facts Palin is only Dubya in skirts - only perhaps more so - and that GW Bush and his administrations were the architects of our current national economic and social train wreck, Palin's chief support is mainly, almost exclusively, only among far right Republicans. And, only about half of those, the others still cognizant enough to recognize Palin is a 'lightweight, and too light in the ass' to ever have a chance. Doing the math, about 50% of 35% is roughly 18%.

The reality is, Sarah Palin is the biggest gift by far that Republicans can ever give their political enemies. It is pathetic really, that neither the religious right, nor the neoconservative Republicans perceive this fact.

But to me, perhaps the most discouraging of all is the dogmatic and vocal demonizing by the far right of 'anything democratic'. The religionists chime in with their Christian angles. Sure, I understand political opposition, but I am having trouble with such counter-productive, reflexive intransigence and aggressive partisan and religion based obtuseness. 'The' Party of No indeed!

It is sad to witness the meltdown of what is left of the Republican party and their various heroes and heroines, and 'family values' champions. The party is in free fall - and in spite of all the disfavor with which Republicans in general are currently being viewed, we need a strong two party (at least) system for political balance. But the meltdown is unavoidable I believe, so long as the party stays captured by the far right and the religionists, and remains so reality challenged, so doctrinally blinded, and so aggressively obtuse.

Wherever did the thoughtful and intelligent 'Party of Lincoln' go?

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