Monday, July 11, 2005

Liars & Miscreants

President Bush, when he was hustling votes in the 2000 election made a great big deal about 'restoring honesty and dignity to the White House'.

In actuality, "honesty and dignity" went out the window the day Sparky De Fraud took office. And, Bush conveniently left out any claims about his administration 'obeying the law' - perhaps for good reasons.

For example, Federal law under the "Intelligence Identities Protection Act" expressly prohibits the intentional disclosure of 'any information identifying' a covert agent."

But President "Advisor" Karl Rove did exactly that in one of the 'political dirty tricks' he is famous for. Karl got peeved at former ambassador Patrick Wilson because he basically called the Bush Administration a bunch of liars about Saddam's (invented) search for yellowcake uranium. So Karl "outed' Wilson's undercover CIA agent wife to punish him - in direct violation of the law. Karl Rove had no compunction that this outing might cost lives and do harm to our country's intelligence gathering abilities - NONE WHATSOEVER! He was concerned with only one thing - dirty politics and punishing his perceived political enemy, Wilson, for having told the truth. A man incidentally, who was hailed as an "American Hero" by Bush #1 for his actions during the first Gulf War.

And Karl flat out denied he was the source, several times over. White House Press Secretary Scott McClelland flat out denied it. Bush #2 himself flat out denied it. Now, that Karl has been forced to admit it, does that make this lot a bunch of liars? You can bet your sweet bippy it does! It makes them all dishonest, liars and beneath contempt. It also happens to make Karl Rove an outright felonious criminal.

What a bunch of whores these people are!

I wonder what this administration will do about that? I wonder what their Neo-Con supporters will do? I see them already circling wagons trying to justify this clearly illegal act.

I wonder if the hypnotized American public will demand something will be done? I guess we shall see.

"An nescis, mi fili, quantilla sapientia mundus regatur?"

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  1. Well put! I too am curious to see how much America is willing to be led blind and not question.

    And you said it perfectly, they will most likely, try to come up with some incredulous story of why it was "justified" and they were "ok" to do this.

    Great summarization


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