Friday, July 08, 2005


Lynne Cheney. Dirty Dick’s old lady, formed a group called the “Committee to Protect American Civilization”. Said group is publishing 100 examples of “unpatriotic” claims by professors in the US. Seems like there have been other groups with similar aims - let’s see now - oh yes! The Nazis!

I mistakenly figured Lynne Cheney might also be behind “The Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice”, but that turned out to be the Taliban in Afghanistan.

“Adios, Mofo”
- Texas governor Rick Perry saying goodbye to an interviewer

President Bush has lectured everyone that “disassemble” really means not to tell the truth. Hang what all the dictionaries say - he’s the President!

Our ever-so-brave Secretary of Defense Mr. Donald Rumsfeld says things in Iraq are just as bad now as when Saddam Hussein was in power, if not worse - as if no one has noticed.

Rumsfeld is the guy you will remember, who wants the military to be “lean and mean” and has never once hesitated to send someone else’s children off to war. He claims though that in Iraq "a lot of bad things that could have happened have not happened." ????

“ When I was first searched at airport security, I actually felt relieved they were surveilling the less obvious suspects, larger, older white gals like myself. After my fourth random wanding (not in the Harry Potter sense) from a lovely woman at O'Hare, I learned a new meaning of heightened state of alert.”
- Kate Clinton in “The Progressive”

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