Sunday, July 24, 2005

Meet the US Ambassador to Iraq

Would you like to meet the person who is the newly appointed US Ambassador to Iraq?

His name is Zalmay Khalilzad and he is being posted to Baghdad - where largest US Embassy in the world is now being built . . .

Some of Khalilzad’s resume', gained thru a little quick research on his name online follows:

1. Born in Afghanistan - a Pashtun by birth;

2. Supported Islamic militias against the Soviets in Afghanistan - the same ones who destroyed Kabul in the 1980’s & 1990's;

3. Supported Taliban (and Osama Bin Ladin) and advised their accommodation by US; Zalmay Khalilzad oversaw the mobilization, leadership, funding and coordination of, and the media support for, the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists who devastated Afghanistan and Bosnia;

4. Protégé of Zbigniew Brzezinski;

5. Protégé of Dick Cheney ;

6. Protégé, and Assistant Undersecretary of Defense to Undersecretary or DefensePaul Wolfowitz;

7. Advisor to Donald Rumsfeld;

8. Advisor to Unocal Corporation - 9th largest oil company on the planet; (This fact is conveniently omitted on the official US State Department biography on Khalilzad: Source:

9. Worked as consultant for Cambridge Energy Research Associates;
(Consultants to the oil, natural gas and electric power industries)

10. Charter member of “PNAC” (“Progress for New American Century” - check it out for yourself) and only non-native born American original member;

11. Consultant for Rand Corp. - neo-conservative ‘think tank”

12. Signed letter urging President Clinton to ‘bring down Saddam Hussein” in 1998;

13. Former Ambassador to Afghanistan (During Khalilzad's tenure in Afghanistan, opium and heroin production skyrocketed. [In December 2004, a secret U.S. military report stated that opium production would continue to increase, strengthening the power of warlords.])

And, there you have the gist of this man! I guess President Bush, et al thinks Americans are all asleep. Perhaps too many of us are.

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