Friday, July 29, 2005

Will the real patriots please stand up?

Have you ever noticed that the current administration has risen to dominance be claiming many things with absolutely no foundations in reality? Have you noticed that their fraud doesn't bother them at all if it helps get them elected?

Neo-Con Republicans Claim:

We are patriotic Americans who support our troops 1000 percent!

Actual Facts: This claim turns out to be quite specious - as do most Neo-Con claims. In fact, Republicans voting along party lines refused to support funding for veterans' health care, including all wounded and disabled veterans from wars long past, to the current crop of maimed young Americans coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Less than half way through the current fiscal year, VA medical facilities are running out of money and facing huge deficits. This is partly due to the huge influx of new wounded veterans coming home from Iraq. Veterans funding is up only four tenths of one percent, a small fraction of what is needed even to keep up with inflation, not to mention the new influx;

Consider this:

A. Democratic senators Murray (WA) and Akaka (HI) offered an amendment for a relatively palty emergency $2 billion increase in VA funding, which was then defeated along party line voting. EVERY Democrat in the Senate voted for the amendment; ALL BUT ONE Republican (Arlen Specter) voted AGAINST the increase. This speaks volumes to me;

B. Meanwhile, Senators then APPROVED $27.3 BILLION in pork barrel projects for favored constituenceies;

C. Meanwhile, the current energy bill soon to be signed into law contains MANY of BILLIONS of dollars in tax breaks for oil and energy companies;

D. Most Republicans have never done military service and the percentage of Democrats who have is approximately five times as high. Republican senators include Saxby Chambliss of Georgia, elected over disabled veteran Max Clelland who lost three limbs in combat in Vietnam. Unbelievably, Chambliss won partly by questioning Clelland's patriotism. He went so far as to place Clelland's picture next to pictures of Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden in campaign TV ads.

"I've never seen anything like that ad. Putting pictures of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden next to a picture of a man who left three limbs on the battlefield -- it's worse than disgraceful, it's reprehensible."
- Republican Senator John McCain commenting on the infamous TV ad

To their everlasting shame Georgia voters bought into that fraud and elected Chambliss - whose 'trick knee' kept him out of the military, though not from recreational running.

Neo-Con Republicans Claim:

We are patriotic Americans and anyone who is against us is a traitor!

Actual Facts: This is so specious as to be laughable, if it weren't so damaging to our country.

Consider this:

A. Presidential advisor Karl Rove did not hesitate to commit blatant and outright treason by outing an undercover CIA operative when he felt it would help his devious political ends, thereby damaging the agent, her sources and our national security.

"Some Dare Call it Treason"


  1. I know I'm starting to sound redundant, but great writing and research.

    Another post I've been sending to family and friends to read.

    Your site is very insightful and I read it everyday.

    I've been sharing the Heavies and Hummers post with just about everyone I run into :-)

  2. I am glad you have found my little site and happy you read it. I guess it is pretty obvious that I am concerned about the way our national community seems to be headed - and no one seems to shout loud enough to slow our slide. The media has given up. Thank goodness for the internet!

    Maybe I'm getting paranoid, but I'm afraid that will be 'controlled' next.

    There is so much unfairness and hypocrisy directly attributable to greed - it is beginning to dominate us.

    I worry for my kids and grandkids . . .

  3. I've had similar thoughts myself. I'm still pretty young but feel so old when talking to people only 5 years younger than me who seem to think this is all ok.

    Somedays it feels very surreal. I wonder, did I have a blindfold on, to not see this coming and do anything. Although I was just coming out of high school at that point.

    I seem to remember watching the 6:00 news with my Dad and feeling like I got information. Not sensationalized biased media.

    Your absolutely correct, thank goodness for the internet. I wonder sometimes, when I have kids, and they're in their 20's will they look back and think, "wow you had it so lucky, the internet was free". I worry about that sometimes.

    And then there are the times, where I wonder if I'm going to get to live to see what happens from all of this. Will they have totally screwed up the environment.

    Let's hope enough people are out there reading and questioning.


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