Tuesday, July 19, 2005


New words are added to Webster's and the Oxford Dictionary every year. Usually the words are already in common public usage. Here's a selection coming up:

New word - "MORPHING"

Definition: A vernacular term derived from the word ‘metamorphosing’ and now used to denote anything that changes completely from one thing to another. Sometimes there can be several complete changes.


From: “The reason we are invading Iraq is because they are stocking thousands of Weapons of Mass Destruction";

To: “The reason we have invaded Iraq is to remove a brutal and despotic dictator from power";

To: “The reason we invaded Iraq is to fight a War on Terror”

To: “The reason we have invaded Iraq is to bring Freedom and democracy to that country":


From: “Mission Accomplished!”

To: “Our mission in Iraq may require years of sacrifice” (left unspoken was "sacrifice by others, not me")


From: “I will fire anyone who leaked information about a CIA agent”

To: “I will fire anyone in the White House who committed a crime”

(All above statements made by US President George W. Bush from 2003 until mid-2005)

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